My husband and I really enjoy Whole30 and stick to it 90-100% when eating at home. It’s not just because of how we feel, it’s the actual foods!! We love the whole, fresh foods! Eating these foods the majority of the time has helped us to not keep treats, chips, […]

Whole30 Must-Haves: Our Whole30 Pantry

What says fall better than Butternut Squash Soup?! This was not a soup I was fond of prior to Whole30, but thankfully this program has changed my tastebuds and now I have an appreciation of what good food really tastes like 🙂   A lot of butternut squash soup recipes […]

Whole30 Chicken Butternut Squash Soup

So you’re ready to try Whole30, YAY! Good for you. You won’t regret it. While I’m sure you are plenty prepared (I hope!!), I’d like to share my list of kitchen tools I’ve found to be extremely helpful during a Whole30. And honestly, I wouldn’t do a round without these […]

12 Helpful Kitchen Tools for Whole30

Seventeen stoplights currently separate me from my daughter. She’s not laying in her Rock n’ Play at the foot of our bed like we planned. She’s 17 stoplights from our home. In a hospital room. A room we’ve made our own, but it still is just that — a hospital. […]

17 Stoplights: 17 Times to Pause

A big shout out to Sarah of The Backyard Missionary blog for nominating me and Existing For More for the 2017 Liebster Award. I’ve enjoyed connecting with Sarah in our group of Women Christian Bloggers and across other social platforms. It’s women like Sarah that I look up as I […]

Liebster Award Nomination 2017

Pregnancy Plans At 24 and a half weeks pregnant, I was feeling pretty good. I’d been enjoying second trimester life with renewed energy and eating better. We had decided on a name around week 22, and we’d even gotten some hand-me-down furniture for her room. And oh, yes, we had […]

Pregnancy Plans vs. Preferences

Hearing for the First Time One morning recently, as I drove to work I sang along to one of my gym favorites: Start Over by Flame featuring NF. It’s such a catchy song and I love the words Flame raps during each verse. I’ve listened to it so much that I […]

How We Start Over: Lessons in Accepting Forgiveness

Zinger on Easter Last month, my husband and I attended our church’s Easter service, like we always do. But the sermon this year hit me hard. Maybe I’ve heard all of this before, I can’t be sure, but I heard it loud and clear that day. Our pastor was speaking […]

The Desire to Be My Own God

Surrender is defined as ceasing to resist and submitting to authority. But to me, it’s quitting, simple as that. It’s been a very long road for me to realize the truth about what surrender actually means, and what it looks like in my life. The journey is not over, but […]

Surrender: Submitting Not Quitting