12 Helpful Kitchen Tools for Whole30

So you’re ready to try Whole30, YAY! Good for you. You won’t regret it. While I’m sure you are plenty prepared (I hope!!), I’d like to share my list of kitchen tools I’ve found to be extremely helpful during a Whole30. And honestly, I wouldn’t do a round without these now. These are tools that I love and I use them on Whole30, and off — now that we eat whole foods most of the time. Some I already had, others I invested in after a round or two, realizing how helpful they!

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Here are my favorite tools to have in my kitchen while I’m on Whole30:


1. Spiralizer: I’ve tried a few styles and there are lots of other, larger options, but I love this small OXO spiralizer. It does a great job with a variety of veggies, and doesn’t take up a lot of space. Easy to clean between recipes, or just toss in the dishwasher at the end of meal prep. Because of the spiralizer tool, Zoodles and Spoodles (zucchini noodles and sweet potato noodles) have become some of our favorite dishes!




2. Juicer with Storage: Many Whole30 recipes require juiced fruits (lemon, limes, oranges, etc.). I love having this little tool with a storage cup attached so I can juice a whole fruit and save what I don’t need. Most of the time I’ll need it for another recipe that same day, or within the week.
**Mine is currently MIA, so I don’t have a photo. I’ve torn my kitchen apart!! **



3. Herb Scissors: You’ll find a lot of Whole30 recipes call for fresh herbs. I hate chopping herbs — I usually just end up ripping the leaves up! My sister-in-law gave me these and they’ve been a total game changer! Making meal prep super simple and clean up is easy too. Totally worth it if you like adding fresh herbs to your meals.


4. Immersion Blender: I bought this before I started my first round of Whole30 and had no idea how helpful this would be to have. I use it the most to make Whole30 mayo, but seriously, it makes it so much easier! This particular blender works great because it comes with the chopping bowl so I can make the mayo right there! I haven’t done a Whole30 without it, and I don’t want to try it 🙂






5. Food Processor: I have a couple different sizes of food processors. I use this little one (2 cups) for sauces or portions of larger recipes. It’s also nice having the larger one for bigger recipes or ingredients. If you are buying your first one, I’d go with the larger one so you aren’t limited in what you can do.





6. Good Knives: You will be doing a lot of food prep with Whole30. That means chopping, slicing, cutting. You’ll want reliable knives to make this process easier. You’re only as good as your tools when it comes to meal prep! And if you don’t have good knives, the prep work will take forever.


7. Peeler: I don’t have this peeler, but am planning to purchase it for this round of Whole30. I’ve always wanted a julienne peeler! This particular peeler doubles as a julienne peeler — so for just $10, you get two tools! If you already have a peeler like mine, that works great too! I use it almost every time I cook because I just don’t love the skin on all my fruits and veggies.



8. Cutting Boards: Of course any cutting boards will work, I just like having multiples so I don’t have to clean them between prepping meats and veggies. And if you are doing big meal preps, I don’t even clean the veggie one in between dishes! I like to save time where I can. Also, I personally love the flexible boards for dumping ingredients.



9. Garlic Press: As you dive into Whole30 recipes, you’ll notice a trend. A LOT of them call for garlic cloves! Unless you are doing Low FODMAP, I’d recommend looking into one of these. Full disclosure, I’d never cooked with garlic outside of the powered variety before Whole30. I had no idea how hard it was to actually “prepare” it without one of these.


10. Crockpot and/or Instapot: A crockpot is a must for us busy ladies! Some of my most favorite Whole30 meals are crockpot meals. Any crockpot works great, but if you’re thinking about getting something new, I’d make sure it has a programmable feature (one big regret I have with mine). I recently invested in an Instapot (which can take the place of your crockpot!). I have heard from many Whole30ers that these are a game changer. I’m excited to start using mine and saving a little time with meal prep!



11. To-Go Containers:  Taking food with you is a common occurrence on Whole30. Our dishwasher is 90% full of to-go containers during the week. We are on-the-go a lot, so that means packing up breakfasts, lunches, and most of our dinners. We go through our containers fast! Having a good stash is key. **You don’t get to see mine… they aren’t pretty! 🙂 **



12. Grater: I love my box grater for potatoes, especially. Sweet potato hashbrowns are my new favorite food after Whole30. This gadget makes them fast and simple. While I mostly use the side facing in the photo, the mandolin and smaller sides are also great!






Of course I’m taking for granted that you already have some reliable pots, pans and cookie sheets. If you don’t have these… check your local ads now! 🙂


I’m sure you’ll see other people recommend other kitchen tools that they feel are essential for Whole30, and you may agree. This list is just the 12 items I would not do without during a round of Whole30. I’d love to hear from you if you have a gadget not on my list that you can’t do a Whole30 without!

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