Activities for a Solo Night In

This past week my husband was out of town for 7 days. Seven. That’s the most we’ve ever been a part since we started dating 7 years ago! Crazy right? Well, the funniest part about it is that, when friends or family gave me a break from mom-ing, or once little girl was a sleep at night, I wasn’t sure what to do! While I appreciated the break, to be honest, I’d kind of forgotten how I liked to spend my alone time. Sounds crazy, but it’s the truth!

What about you? I realize this is rare, but if the dishes are done, kids are asleep, friends aren’t available, husband is out, what would you do with an afternoon or evening to yourself? It seems like it should be an easy answer, right? But, if you’re like me, maybe you aren’t really sure? Well, as I tried to make the most of my alone time last week, I also made a list enjoyable activities for a party of one!

Ideas for a Night In, Alone!

  1. Give yourself a spa treatment. Draw a warm bath, get out all of your fancy self-care tools and be nice to yourself. Maybe even give yourself permission to turn off your phone!
  2. Watch that movie your husband/boyfriend/kids/roommate never let you watch. No one is judging, so binge on that pointless sitcom or cry along with that romcom!
  3. Go for a run/walk/swim/bike ride. Pick your poison, just enjoy a physical activity on your own.
  4. Yoga/Stretch/Meditate. Take care of that beautiful body by giving it some much needed rest! In case, these practices aren’t in your norm, try doing something kind for your body that includes quiet.
  5. Cook yourself a fancy meal (and leave the dishes until morning ;) )
  6. Get takeout. In case cooking isn’t your jam, pick up some takeout from a place that YOU like. Tonight, you are the only one who matters!
  7. Read. Give yourself permission to just sit and enjoy a book. Another thing to do in the quiet, but trust me, the silence will do your body good!
  8. Go to bed early. Seriously, it sounds silly, but sometimes sleep is just what you need. Maybe even let yourself fall asleep on the couch!
  9. Watch the sunset. Sit and enjoy your favorite beverage and take in all the beauty that comes along with the end of a day. Even take mental pictures of all the colors, or even snap some photos.
  10. Craft Night. All those crafts you want to get to, but never have time? Now’s your chance. So, get out canvases, paints, coloring books, yarn, scrapbooks, calligraphy. Whatever your heart has been desiring — pull those out and get your creative juices flowing!
  11. Put your phone/computer away. I promise, you won’t miss anything. You’ll enjoy every minute of it!
  12. THAT project. It’s time, you’ve had it on your mind for awhile. You have a free night, work on it! Whether it’s reorganizing your craft space, cleaning your stove, pairing down kid toys, or listing items on Marketplace. Do it tonight. Then, reward yourself ;)

Maybe these suggestions don’t sound like your idea of a good time. Hopefully they sparked some other ideas for you! If you have something you could add, please share it in the comments! I’d love to hear from you. Happy solo night in my friends!!

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