Our Micropreemie

It’s Positive!

In March 2017, my husband and I learned we were expecting. Our new addition would join our family in November and we couldn’t be more excited, or terrified. But we were ready. Well, as ready as anyone ever is to become a parent, I guess.

Because of some early bleeding and an uncertain cycle, we had what we thought was an early ultrasound. Turns out, I was further along than we thought! We later learned how much of a good thing it was that we got in when we did because it meant the due date was more accurate than if we’d have gotten it a few weeks later. This good due date helped us later when we realized I might have issues with hypertension and our babe’s growth was affected.

Amelia Louise

Let the journey begin, right? Yeah, exactly. It has been a journey… I’ve learned so much. And I’m happy to share it all… from midwifery, to preeclampsia & HELLP syndrome, to micro-preemie and life in the NICU.

God is walking with us in this uncharted territory. My husband and I agree it’s important to share our journey, along with our little peanut’s journey, not for pity, but to show how God continues to show up in the dark places. And our journey started well before November 2017.