I’ve always been into fitness; my dad got me started with weights at the ripe age of 12! It’s definitely been a love/hate relationship because weight/body image is something I battle with very regularly. I’ve had various fitness goals over my life from running half marathons to lifting heavy stuff, and everything in between (and yes that does include doing nothing, and gaining the Freshmen 40!!).

What I’ve learned is that at the end of the day, my results in gym go all the way back to my nutrition – so that’s where I need to place my focus. When I’m keeping that in check, the fitness is a lot more fun. The clothes look good, I see progress quicker. I wish I would remember those when I’m half way through my Ben & Jerry’s.


So what it comes down to, for me, is what I’m putting in my mouth. That being said, I am now able to stick in “love” with working out. I enjoy trying lots of different things, techniques, and types. Mostly, I love talking about how they are working, or not, what I like and don’t like. And ultimately what I struggle with the most is beating myself mentally. Every. Time.