Home Dates: 20 Date Night Ideas for the Homebound

If you aren't able to get out of the house for dates, don't worry! Here are 20 ideas of fun dates to have at home to keep the intimacy alive.

In December of 2017, our 26-weeker finally came home after 4 months in the NICU. While she was in the NICU, we continued to make date nights a priority, as we have our whole marriage (especially since we had expensive babysitters — haha). We were aware it would all change when she came home.


December is not an optimal time to bring home a preemie, especially one with chronic lung disease. So we made the decision to be on “lockdown” until flu season passed. Hubby went to work and I got groceries on the weekend, but the only other time we left the house was for her appointments. Not only was the “lockdown” a huge commitment day-to-day, but drastically changed our date nights.


As we near the end of our “lockdown”, I wanted to share some fun date night ideas we came up with during this season. I’m sure there are other couples out there who may struggle to get out of the house. Don’t give up just because you’re in a particular season of life. Things will change and you’ll be able to get out and about, but while you’re chained to the house, have some fun and keep the romance alive!


20 Date Night Ideas for the Homebound

1. Games
Whether it’s CatchPhrase, Monopoly, Chess, cards, or the Heads Up app, play a game and get silly! Each of these options are great ways to engage and laugh with your spouse during nap time or after the little one has gone to bed.

2. Yoga
If you are the type of couple who can connect while doing a workout (or even if you aren’t), yoga might be a great thing to try. I found myself to feel very connected doing yoga next to my spouse! Plus, it’s great for your mind and body and can even get you ready for other activities on your date (see Idea #20 LOL)

3. Book Study
Pick out a book that you’d both enjoy and read it together. Then, during your date night, you can have “Book Club” where you discuss the assigned reading for the week, or the whole book, depending on how much time you each have to read.

4. Themed Dinners
Pick out a cuisine or a style of meal and create the menu. Then cook the whole meal together! And if you truly hate cooking, grab some pre-made items from the grocery store, but keep a theme going!

5. Q&A
Get some coffee or tea and settle in for some good conversation. Check this list for conversation starters and see where the questions lead you! Great for an afternoon when your little is down for a long nap!

6. House Shop
Whether you’re looking for new houses or not, this is a blast! Set a price limit (or don’t!) and browse the listings! Take it step further and create your “must-have” list. Enjoy daydreaming or maybe find your perfect house!
7. Spa Day (or night)
Put on masks, give each other massages, take turns taking bubble baths… just pamper each other! End with a nap or see Idea 20 🙂

8. Documentary
Pick out a documentary that you both will find interesting and watch and discuss.

9. Nap
This may sound odd, but when was the last time you took a nap together? It’s amazing how connected you feel when you cuddle up together and doze! Plus, if you’re new parents, you deserve it 😉

10. Weekly Check-In
Do you have a time you meet up to discuss how life is going for each one of you? This was a suggestion from our pastor years ago and we’ve never been consistent about doing it, until we purchased the Navigator’s Council from Beating 50 Percent. You don’t have to get this exact journal, heck even a spiral notebook will work. Just use something to record these touch-points that will help you to be intentional with this time.

11. Cuddle by the Fire
For this one you’ll obviously need a fireplace. And maybe some marshmallows?!

12. Indoor Camping
Build a tent or fort, get some fun camp-style snacks! Watch a movie or take it up a notch and only use the items you’d use if you were actually camping — flashlights and books?!

13. Candle Lit Dinner
Make dinner or someone go grab take out. Get dressed up fancy and enjoy a meal like you would at your favorite fancy restaurant!

14. Video Games
What guy wouldn’t be excited if you suggested playing some video games together? 🙂

15. Photo Shoot
Try on some fun outfits and take turns snapping photos! Or just take goofy selfies on the couch. It’ll be worth the laughs later! Get into it!
BONUS: Did someone say SnapChat filters??

16. Puzzles
There’s nothing quite like bonding over a puzzle and some popcorn! (or your favorite snack) Take it up a notch and put some tape down the middle and race 🙂

17. Arts & Crafts
Get some canvases or pottery, picture frames or decor from around the house that needs and upgrade. Use paints, markers, or crayons to beautify your piece. Key: your creation will be for your partner, so plan accordingly. It’s so fun to make art that will sit on the others shelf at work!

18. Netflix & Chill
But seriously, binge a show you both love and just relax. This may seem effortless and lame, but hear me out. Women, no laundry folding or planning the next week. Both of you put your phones away. Be together, enjoy your show and the company of your favorite person without distractions!

19. Take-Out
If you get take out often, this may sound boring. Don’t just get fast food. Go somewhere nice and order plenty of food. Try a place you haven’t been to before or get different items from the same old place!

20. Sexy Time
While this is only taking up one item on the list, my husband reminded me that there are PLENTY of options here. So great creative, be spontaneous, spend some time playing together. Change up the atmosphere! Do something you don’t normally do. Add it to one of the other date ideas (or all of them) Make it a nap time neither of you will forget!


Clearly this is not an exhaustive list of date ideas. As I mentioned, these are simple dates you can do without needing a sitter. They can take as little or as long as you have time for! The key is, don’t let circumstances during this homebound season cause you to give up on dating your partner! Now is when you need it most. So commit to a regular date, get creative, and remember why you decided to do life with this person!!


I’d love to hear what other home dates you guys are doing! Please share in the comments 🙂

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