Love Notes from God

As of late, my morning routine has included reading a few pages out of the book Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge. It’s a book that has been on my list for years, but I’m feeling thankful I haven’t gotten to it until now. The reason is, I’m not sure a younger version of me would have been ready to soak up all the gems in this book. One especially thought-provoking topic for me this past week has been the idea of “love notes from God”.

A general book review

Although I have a third of the book remaining, it only keeps getting better. John and Stasi do such a wonderful job of helping me understand why God created women (through scriptures) and showing me how special I truly am to God. They have connected so many dots for me that encompass deep feelings I can’t explain, convictions I feel in the midst of societal messages, all while continually pointing me back to scripture and helping me feel part of something much bigger, which we all know is hugely important for women.

I know I’m not alone when I say I often struggle knowing I’m special or I’m good enough. Not only has this book been able to validate those feelings, but it’s showing me exactly where they come from and why it’s not going to stop. That the only way to combat these feelings is knowing who I am in Christ. Taking this a step further from just being helpful to me as a woman, it’s also been extremely eye opening as the mother of a little girl. It’s definitely a must-read in my humble opinion. But like I said, this past week one topic they discuss has really stood out to me as something to explore further.

A longing to be romanced

We all have the desire to be romanced. I looked for it in many places, only to be left feeling underwhelmed time and time again. That said, during our courtship, my husband did a wonderful job pursuing me and being romantic. I felt like a princess. And still do on many occasions. But life happens and romance fades.

As I spent time in mediation this week, God had me focused on this idea of Him as my Romancer (as discussed in the book). I kept referring back to the book because this section is just so good.

“Every song you love, every memory you cherish, every moment that has moved you to holy tears has been given to you from the One who has been pursuing you from your first breath in order to win your heart.” (Captivating, p. 118)

Holy cow. I mean seriously. It’s got me thinking of all the moments I’ve had lately where I have in fact been moved to tears. There’s been quite few and, of course, I could chalk it up to hormones. The reality is I’m in a place where my heart is open to connect with God more than ever before. What I realized is that it’s like I’ve just finally accepted his invitation to courtship. I’m allowing Him to romance me. Not that it just began, but that I’m finally seeing Him in all the sweet moments.

Our Great Romancer

You see, He doesn’t send me flowers or bring me chocolates or whisk me away on dates. No, He sends me a nice rain shower early in the morning while I sit on my porch. Or a cardinal comes by my window while I’m reading. Sometimes it’s a gust of cool air on a hot day that takes my breath away. Other times, it’s a field of tall, vibrant green corn stocks as I drive down the highway. These are the sweet ways He romances my heart.

In the same way a woman desires flowers or long walks on a beach from her lover, God surprises me with these special moments, sights, sounds, smells. All things He knows will make my heart skip a beat. Just as it did when my now husband held my hand for the first time or when he twirls me around the dance floor today. Those moments He has for me are meant to be just like that.

The Romancer calling once again. (Captivating, p. 122)

Love Notes from God

In the past, whenever I see the perfect sunset, a gorgeous field, a neat interaction between my child and dog, or other special moments like these, I’ve always thanked God for them. However, this week it hit me––those are LOVE NOTES from Him. From my Romancer. If He wants to have an intimate relationship with me, how does that happen? He pursues me, just like my partner has and continues to do. They may be in different forms, but the heart is the same.

Thinking about these delightful instances created just for me, so that I know how loved I am, has totally blown me away. And, as I’ve been in prayer over this new thought process this week, I’ve felt a push to slow down and look for these special things daily. To see His love notes.

Challenge for the month

My goal during the month of September is to be intentional and keep my eyes open for His love notes. The ways He’s pursuing me daily. Choosing to see Him in everything. Although, typically I’m intentional about enjoying these moments rather than digitally capturing them, for this month, I’ll do both. And I want you to join me. Even if you don’t share everyday, try to keep your mind open to the idea that your Father is always romancing you. He is pursuing you all the time. And when you see that “thing” meant for your heart, share with us. My hope is we can flood social media with our Love Notes fromvGod.

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