Marriage Monday: Robbers Cave

Routine: Netflix & Chill

Marriage Monday has been a routine for over a year and a half, and let’s be honest, we’ve gotten a bit lazy. Yes, we put our phones away, and both plan to be around each other. But as far as the activities go, well, let’s just say Netflix and chill could summarize many of them. And by that I mean for real. Binge watching a show, lounging on separate couches. Welcome to married life, am I right?


Well, this blog has actually prompted us to be a little more proactive with our evenings and look for some fun things to do. Something out of the ordinary for us. If we don’t, this blog may get real old real quick if all I tell you is we cooked and talked or watched TV. But hey, sometimes married life is just about as exciting as that :)


Blue Blood Brewery

Someone told me that a new brewery opened up near our house recently. Nobody freak out! I was only interested because this brewery sits above an old cave that kids used to go visit back in the day. Even Seth had gone once with friends when he was little. There are tons of old folklore about what the cave used to be and what all happened there.


While on the tour, they shared even more with us. Stories of Native Americans and bandits and stolen golden. Bodies and murders; is it haunted? Some say yes. Google and you’ll find out a ton more. Excavation is still in the beginning stages, from what they described on the tour, so I have a feeling more and more will be revealed and according to their site, they’ll be keeping us all posted!


IMG_7367 (1)Sober at a Brewery

We really wanted to check it out, so I got tickets for us. The tour started with the brewery. Even though we don’t drink, it’s interesting to learn about the process of what goes into making a brew. I mean, it’s science! People may think we are crazy for going into a brewery, not just a bar, and actually seeing how beer is made. It may seem we are “tempting providence”. But don’t worry. The beautiful thing about being in recovery, at least for us, is that God has REMOVED the desire to drink from both of us. It’s not even a thought in our mind.
You might be wondering how that is possible. Good question. Well, for us, alcohol was but a symptom of a much larger issue. A spiritual malady. Once we removed the drink, we became willing to do whatever it took recover. Not right away; we each have had separate journeys and maybe we can share those with you some time. But what you need to know now to understand Seth and me a little better is that alcohol is no longer a problem for us. We can go places where it is served, if we have a good reason to be there. We hardly notice it these days, and that in itself is a true gift from God.


On this Monday night, we had a legit reason to be there. To celebrate our marriage. To see a landmark in our town’s history. And to experience life together. When we got to the cave part, it was just incredible. Yes, there have been lots of people down there in recent years, but to see and experience this underground wonder was really awesome.


Walks Never Get Old

After our lovely tour, we moseyed over to a park near the bar. We walked around the whole park twice. As we we walked, we talked. Our pastor has always encouraged us to have one night a week where we don’t talk about day to day stuff (like bills, schedules, etc). Rather to talk about dreams, passions, life, you know the stuff you talked about when dating. We aren’t very good at following this rule these days… There just never seems to be enough time.


So while we walked, we talked about our lives and how different they might in the next 2-3 years. We didn’t so much plan as just daydream (realistically) and talk about what ifs. We discussed our families, how we grew up, how experiences have shaped us to who we are today. I talked about Hank and got teary as we remembered our funny buddy.


It was such an enjoyable time with my favorite person and I just kick myself that I don’t let these things happen more often. I’m too much of a planner and rarely live in the moment. That’s why Seth is good for me. He is the opposite. Always encouraging me to be spontaneous. I’ve truly been working on this the past few years; having less plans and expectations. But, let’s be honest, more growth is always needed.


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