When it comes to marriage, I’m an expert. On what DOESN’T work.

We’ve been enjoying marital bliss since November 2012, and not a week goes by that we don’t acknowledge with each other that this is quite literally the hardest thing we’ve ever done. And we are both sober alcoholics. Yeah, that’s saying something!

Prior to saying I do, we did a lot of prep work for what was to come. The wedding planning definitely took a backseat to the pre-marital class, meeting with a pastor, meeting with other couples, each of us separately working on our faith, reading books, setting boundaries, and having all the “important conversations”. So, on our wedding day, we were feeling good; we put in the work in, this should go great, right?!

The Great Reality

Well, don’t let me mislead you. Married life IS great. And it’s hard. And I’m learning things on a DAILY basis. About Seth, about me, about selfishness. As my husband says, “Sign us up for more growth!”

Most of all, I’m learning what it means to be truly selfless. Not only that, but also how to continue to be a friend, a daughter, a mentor and now a mom. When it’s ok to speak up, and when I need to hang on to the age-old phrase: “Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy?” Dang. I’ve always believed they are the same thing!

Well, I’d love to share our journey with you… I doubt we are the only ones floundering. I have a feeling┬áSeth will probably pop in to share his views and struggles with you as well. When you take a peek at Facebook, it may seem like you are the only couple not doing this marriage thing perfectly. But I assure you, there are many more out there than you realize — take it from the Hueninks ­čÖé