New Year; Another Round of Whole30

Here are 4 weeks worth of Whole30 approved meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Included are the groceries lists for each week too!

It’s Time for Some Detoxing

My body is telling me, no YELLING at me, that it is time for another round of Whole30. My face is puffy, my jeans, the ones I purchased a couple of months ago because my old ones were too big, are now feeling very restrictive. All of my joints feel swollen. And the food drunk state is starting to come back.


It’s only been 3 months since we ended our last round a little early (in October) and it’s so surprising how quickly the old habits can creep back into my life. Our long vacation followed by the holidays definitely didn’t help either. At first the non-compliant food was fun to try on occasion, but I’m honestly just sick of it. Never thought I’d say that. (Someone remind me I said this in about 10 days, please!!)


Time for Another Round

Seth and I knew we’d want to do another round at the beginning of the year, but we didn’t realize how much we’d actually look forward to it! Maybe that’s the key to eating healthy — eat TERRIBLY for like 3 weeks straight, gain 10-15 lbs, have a few “food comas” that make you want to die and you’ll run back to Whole30 and not look back. I’m really hoping that doesn’t have to be the case for me in 2017.


I have many friends who’ve already kicked off their January round and are already seeing those great results. Flatter stomachs, less puffy, enjoying the fresh, non-processed foods. It actually makes me jealous!! I’m loathing this upcoming week because I know the headaches are coming… but by this time next week, I’m going to be loving life. At least that’s how it usually goes for me on Whole30.


Prep Work

Even though many people start diets on January 1, I have never been one to do that because of my January 4 birthday. It’s just too difficult. So January 9 will be my Day 1. But I’ve already got my head in a good place. Here’s what I’ve been doing this first week of January:

  • Planning Week 1 meals
  • Time blocking for meal prepping
  • Writing grocery list
  • Took before pictures
  • Scheduling around potential “moods”

I’m ready for this round of Whole30 like never before. I feel giddy and cannot wait to share with you all how this round goes.


Blog Series for this Round

As I contemplated how I’d share this round with my friends and family, I decided to do a few things differently. I’ll continue with a day in the life, but it’s going to be an ongoing blog post. Each day, I’ll describe what I experienced that day.


And since I hear from a lot of friends that the biggest thing that holds them back from trying this program is the planning, I decided to do something about that. So I’m going to share my menu each week along with a grocery list and the links to the recipes. I am hoping this will encourage more people to give it a shot. What do you have to lose? It’s 30 days!


As always, I love to hear feedback, so let me know if you find the menus helpful or not. If you have recipes you like or don’t like. If you have questions or suggestions, let’s hear them! Or if you discover things I should try, please do share! And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to see daily posts of all the yummy dishes!


And with that… Bring on ANOTHER ROUND OF WHOLE30!

Week 1 Menu + Week 1 Groceries

Week 2 Menu + Week 2 Groceries

Week 3 Menu + Week 3 Groceries

Week 4 Menu + Week 4 Groceries


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