Personal Growth

Throughout my life, the hard times and the painful experiences are what have ultimately lead me to grow. The easy things in life are nice, because they are just that, easy. I don’t have to think too much and relying upon God in those things doesn’t seem like much of an issue.

It was the experiences that left me feeling all alone. Anxious. Sick in my stomach. The times you wanted to scream out to God and ask what He was really thinking allowing this to happen. And after all the pain and dust has settled, maybe just for the moment, you realize all you have in this is “god”. That everything leading up to this point was a dress rehearsal so you could trust Him in THIS moment.

Will you? I still have to ask myself that with each new “growth” experience I encounter. “Ok Jessi, you trusted Him with the last hard thing, but this one? Is this something we can just lean into Him and walk through together? I don’t know…”

Sign me up for some more growth. That’s what my husband says when a new challenge presents itself. I cringe every time because I know it won’t be easy, but, dang it, I’m usually grateful when I come out the other side.