Thoughts and Regrets Before a Round of Whole30

Round 2 — Starts TOMORROW

The best way for me to ramp up for my Round 2 of Whole30 is to be on vacation the weekend before Day 1. Or at least that’s what I chose to do this round. So bring on the carbs! I had quite the spread – fruit, potatoes, breads, and all things sugar! There was no filter. It’d be rude to turn down my Aunt Sue’s delicious cinnamon sugar biscuits, the celebratory Casey’s pizza or the anniversary ice cream cake. So I enjoyed and enjoyed, way too much and felt my clothes start to get tighter as the grains and dairy made me bloat. Before I knew it, my food baby was back.


On the drive home, I decided to stop for one last hurrah. Cotton Candy blizzard from DQ was my choice, it’s seasonal you know. :) Make it a large please! I had that thing gone within 7 minutes. What had happened to me?! Only a month before I was turning down sweets left and right, even after my first Whole30 was over. I just kept going with my new lifestyle. I love the way I felt; I was stronger, healthier, more alert. Why would I back slide?


Well, life happens. Luckily, my results from my first round inspired some other friends to give Whole30 a shot, so I agreed to start with them. Day 1 would be tomorrow. But tonight, Big Mac and fries with tartar sauce to dip. Oddly enough, this was the same as my hangover meal back in college, minus the Dr. Pepper. :)


Prep Work

On my way back home, I stopped at the grocery store to load up on the Whole30 essentials for Round 2. The produce didn’t look good, clean meats didn’t sound tasty, but I kept reminding myself to trust the process. Based on experience, soon this would be all I’d want. I perked up a bit remembering how great the last round was and the excitement began to mount. And so did a headache – something I was accustom to on a very regular basis prior to Whole30, but an issue that has all but gone away while on Whole30.


Before enjoying my Micky D’s, I threw together a stir-fry of grass-fed beef on a bed of spinach. That was all the energy I had. I ate my dinner and laid on the couch. To be honest, it didn’t even taste that good. That made me sad. So I sulked and watch The Mindy Project; unsatisfied, bloated and with a headache. Time to head to bed and hope for a better day, Round 2: Day 1, tomorrow.


What is Whole30? Don’t worry, I asked the same question. Check out the website for more info!

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