Week 2: Body-Fat Shredding

Week 2 is complete! One thing I can say for sure — I’m getting stronger. I’d been doing high reps for so long, I was getting discouraged with my weights and wondering if I’d ever be able to lift heavy again once I started trying. Well, I think it was actually helping me because I sure can! I watched my weights increase all over the place and that felt so good!

I did the same workout this week as last, but let me point out where things have changed in just one week.

If you want to see the workout with all its options, check out the article on T-Nation.com.


More stretching!! My husband continues to get after me about not doing this enough. Oops!


Deadlift 3 x 5 (2 minute rest)
Max weight was 150 lbs. (Went up 25 lbs. since last week!)

Superset Chinups and Dips 3 x 5 each (1 minute rest)
Chinups with band were much easier this week. Added weight for dips. Found out after the fact, I should be doing these differently than I was (I was using a bench, should be doing it from the apparatus) Darn! I’ll get these right next week!

Farmer’s Walk 4 x 30 yds. (2 minute rest)
Carried 35 lbs. dumbbells — up 5 lbs. from last week. My hands were killing me!


Did not get outside for my 2-a-day. Hard to motivate myself after a long day at work!tnationday2


75% Sprints 8-16 rounds (90 seconds – 2 minute recovery)
This was a great workout! Was even getting sweaty!


Stretching — Especially lower back


Dumbbell Bench 3-5 x 8-10 (45 second rests)
Hit a max of 37.5 lbs. — it was tough the last two sets, but still up 2.5 lbs. from last week!

tnationday3Kettlebell Swings 3-5 x 8-10 (45 second rests)
These weren’t as awful as last week. I went up 10 lbs. — last two sets I used the 35 lbs. kettlebell!

1 arm dumbbell row 3-5 x 8-10 (45 second rests)
I really don’t love these. I am sitting at 32.5 lbs (uncomfortably; just not able to go up!)

Tire pulls 5 x 20yds (1 minute rest)
Grabbed bigger tires this time. It was tough and also super muggy!


Run from Tuesday OR brisk walk for 30-60 minutes

I was out very late on Wednesday night, so I opted for sleep over a workout. I did get up and did 40 minutes of yoga and really loosened up my body. It was a great alternative.


Squat 4-5 x 3-5 (1 minute rest)
My weight is going up!!! I maxed at 135 lbs. today! It was heavy, but I did it. 5 reps even :)

Pullup 4-5 x 3-5 (1 minute rest)
The assisted pullup machine was fixed, so I used that. I was surprised to see that I could do 90 lbs. (last time I did these at low reps, I was doing 110 lbs.), but then I reminded myself I’m about 20 lbs lighter, so it makes sense LOL!

Clean & Press 4-5 x 3-5 (1 minute rest)
I’m embarrassed to even mention how this went…. Seth joined me for this workout. When I got the bar loaded at 65 lbs, he said, “you need more weight on there”. Needless to say, going up to 95 lbs. didn’t go well. I argued. He insisted I was beating myself mentally. I threw a silent tantrum, continued my last 2 sets as best I could (not very well) and left. We agreed to try again next week, pending me finding a better attitude…

Workout calls for alacate conditioning later in the day (apparently these short, intense workouts don’t produce lactic acid and don’t cause a burn). Yet again, we did not have time in our schedules for this this week. Going to the county fair was more of a priority :D



Super Set
Standing Dumbbell Press 3 x 8-10
Side Raise 3 x 12-15

Dumbbell Curl 3 x 8-10
Dumbbell Hammer Curl 3 x 8-10
Dumbbell Curl 3 x 8-10

EZ Skull Crusher Pullover 3 x 8-10
Weighted Close Grip Pushup 3 x 8-10
EZ Skull Crusher Pullover 3 x 8-10

Standing Calf Raise 3-5 x 8-10

Ab Wheel 3 x 8-10

Yet again, this was a good workout. My weights went up slightly all around. And I was sore all weekend, especially my abs!!


We were supposed to go for a walk or bike ride, unfortunately, I had sugar on Saturday. And after 60 days of no added sugars, I was a bit “hung over” on Sunday. So I slept….

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