Week 3: Body-Fat Shredding

Three quarters of the way through my 4 weeks with this workout. Strength is rising!! I’m excited about working out each morning. Since the workouts average between 30-45 minutes, that helps a ton. They fit in with my life a lot better and therefore, I’m able to push hard for the shorter time and actually see the good it did me. I’m also seeing a ton of benefit from all the stretching… My husband is grinning and thinking, “I told you so” right now 🙂


For week 3, I did the same workout this week as the previous two weeks, with a slight variation. I’ll point out the changes below and add in my new weights/maxes.


If you want to see the workout with all its options, check out the article on T-Nation.com.


The stretching continues…


Deadlift 3 x 5 (2 minute rest)
Max weight was 165 lbs. (Up 15 more lbs. over last week!)

Superset Chinups and Dips 3 x 5 each (1 minute rest)
Moved to the assisted machine this week. Yeah, I can see the difference! I was able to do 2 sets of chinups using on 80 lbs. of resistance. Before I was in the 110-100 range. However, I did lose over 20 lbs., so I suppose the weight should dropping, huh? 

For dips, I didn’t use the assisted, but I also didn’t add any weight. It was tougher on the apparatus, so I felt good with where I’m sitting at just my body weight for 5 sets.

Farmer’s Walk 4 x 30 yds. (2 minute rest)
Stayed at 35 lbs, but didn’t hurt nearly as bad!

Missed the 2-a-day again…. This is just tough for me to work in!


75% Sprints 8-16 rounds (90 seconds – 2 minute recovery)
Another great workout. Got all 16 rounds in. Did a ton of stretching to recover.




Dumbbell Bench 3-5 x 8-10 (45 second rests)
So I had a blonde moment here and hit 42.5 lbs. and couldn’t figure out why it was so easy. Then I realized I was only doing 5 reps! Oops. I went back and did a couple more sets of 10 using 37.5 lbs. Still felt stronger though 🙂

tnationday3Kettlebell Swings 3-5 x 8-10 (45 second rests)
Again, I didn’t hate this. Went up in weight again! Did 3 sets with 40 lbs. kettlebell!

1 arm dumbbell row 3-5 x 8-10 (45 second rests)
Still don’t love these…. However, I pushed myself to go up this week and did 2 sets at 35 lbs.!

Tire pulls 5 x 20yds (1 minute rest)
Grabbed larger tires again and got my girlfriend to join me! Made it much better. She’s fast, so I was trying to race her and found myself going faster than before.


Run from Tuesday OR brisk walk for 30-60 minutes

Work has been intense this week and I needed a little extra sleep. And also needed to get into work early, so I missed a workout all together… OOPS!



Super Settnationday6
Standing Dumbbell Press 3 x 8-10
Side Raise 3 x 12-15

Dumbbell Curl 3 x 8-10
Dumbbell Hammer Curl 3 x 8-10
Dumbbell Curl 3 x 8-10

EZ Skull Crusher Pullover 3 x 8-10
Weighted Close Grip Pushup 3 x 8-10
EZ Skull Crusher Pullover 3 x 8-10

Standing Calf Raise 3-5 x 8-10

Ab Wheel 3 x 8-10

I overslept this morning, so I flip-flopped my workouts. Got through shoulder and arm workout. My back was so tight, so I skipped abs. And ran out of time for the calves. Even still, it was a great workout and my weights went up for each lift!!



Best part of my workout today — I get to do it with my hubby!!

Front Squat 4-5 x 3-5 (1 minute rest)
Haven’t done these in a LONG time! It surprised me how easy they were! Started way too light, so I did an extra set. Seth helped me by teaching me a new way to hold the bar, using straps. It helped me keep my back more straight during the lift. I maxed at 115 lbs.!!

Pullup 4-5 x 3-5 (1 minute rest)
I was able to do two sets at 80 lbs., and then I needed to move up to 90 lbs. for the last 3 sets. Seeing a lot more definition in my back when I do these, which is awesome!

Clean & Press 4-5 x 3-5 (1 minute rest)
So, Seth agreed to help me with these again. I prayed before. Yes, that’s right, I said a quick prayer for patience and tolerance. For God to help me have an open mind to hear my husband speaking and helping in love. To “take the cotton out of my ears and put it in my mouth”. I do NOT like to not be perfect and I really struggle with constructive criticism. However, I’m pleased to report this workout went MUCH better than last week; was able to do 3 sets at 85 lbs. Seth still thinks I can do 95 lbs., but I’ll try that next week.

Workout calls for alacate conditioning later in the day (apparently these short, intense workouts don’t produce lactic acid and don’t cause a burn). And again, no time. Too many social events. However, this week it was because I was in a volleyball tournament for work on Friday. So I did manage to get one 2-a-day in, even if it was the wrong day. It was a good one though; sand volleyball for 4 hours, half of the time in the hot sun. Worked up a sweat!! I was also sore for days after…


We were supposed to go for a walk or bike ride, instead, we drove up to Ponca State Park for a little vacation. Sunday our workout was chopping down a tree. It was almost a tougher workout than all the other days this week and I was SORE!

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