Weekend I Dos: Spicing Up Sundays

Making Plans

This week I found a Qdoba BOGO coupon in the mail. I almost tossed it and then thought maybe we could enjoy that together, Whole30 style. We agreed to run errands and end with a nice lunch, so Saturday I went through the ads and wrote out my shopping lists. We had a few things we’d need from Menards as well, so I got all that down on paper.


A Good Morning

When Sunday morning rolled around, Seth was out the door early to go off into the wilderness. Sundays are his time to go off into nature to be with God. He does all the boy things: climb, hike, wade into waters. It has become a must for him, for his week, for our marriage. I don’t argue or try to compromise anymore; this time must happen. Everyone is better off.


So off he went, and I bounced out of bed to make a good breakfast that would keep us full all morning for all the things! I got to spend my quiet time with God on the couch, digging into His word. I’m reading the one-year bible this year, and I had a few days to catch up on. Isn’t it funny, I find when I’m intentional about spending time with God, I magically have all this time that I usually don’t have. Or so it seems… I suppose it isn’t magic. I’m sure it has to do with me calming down and pausing, then I’m not frantically running around, burning up energy foolishly. But it feels like magic.


After getting centered and feeling peaceful, I got ready, packed his breakfast, and ate my own. He came home, we were running late, I wasn’t freaking out about it. See what I mean, it was a good morning! Church was enjoyable and after, off we went to Menards.


Blasts from the Past

We quickly gathered some material to finish off a project I’ve been working on. Refinishing furniture is a side hobby 🙂 Seth scoped out a few things he’d been thinking about and grabbed a piece he needed to repair our toilet. Seth spotted a few individuals he knew. These weren’t ones we’d go out of our way to greet — they were parents of ex-girlfriends. Luckily, we weren’t caught in any aisles with them, but should we have been, I was ready to flash my ring! 😉


We weren’t hungry when we left so we headed to the grocery stores. Yes stores. Remember, I shop the DEALS! So as we visited the last store, we spotted an interesting bunch entering the store. One looked familiar. We realized it was a guy I dated a few years before Seth. My heart flip-flopped and Seth teased asking if I was sure I’d made the right decision. Ha ha. As we bounced around the store, the guy ended up being just ahead of us at each turn. By the time we were back to the car, we were almost in tears of the seeming irony of our past lives popping up!


Feelings of Gratitude

We drove up the road to Qdoba where we order our Whole30 approved meals. Can you believe we both had great lunches and because of my coupon, it only cost us $9.17?! It was a steal! It was a busy place that day, but we sat there across from each other, enjoying our meal and discussing the blasts from the past that made us remember where we came from.


We’ve always agreed to not overshare about the past. Neither of us need a reason to arouse any feelings of suspicion or jealousy. I don’t know much about the girls he dated or their families and he doesn’t know much about that old boyfriend. What we both know is that those situations didn’t go well and we were both different people then. We can be grateful about what we learned from each situation, and know how blessed we are to have walked through those relationships and come out better people. Since we also don’t believe in coincidences, we know there is a reason we encountered those people when we did. No overthinking necessary — it was a reminder of where we came from and we can look at each other and see how far we’ve come.


SID_AugAs we dove deeper into conversation, all the people and sounds faded into the background. I was staring at a very handsome man, wearing a beautiful baby blue button-up that made his eyes pop (a shirt I’d picked out!). I need times like that where I just stare at that face. The face that used to make me stop dead in my tracks. And then, life. I forget that I really am the luckiest woman in the world. To get to sit across from that face for the rest of my life.


As we sat, we discussed our plans for the day and for the week. He’s getting so great at sharing these things with me, which is huge because I’m a planner and he’s not. So I know when he’s sharing it’s out of love and to help us grow together. And it does exactly that. We commemorated  our Sun-Date with a selfie by our car! What a perfect Weekend I Do!

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