Whole30 Day #1: Back on the Wagon

And So It Begins…

I went to bed dreading Day 1 so much! It was definitely a struggle getting out of bed at 4:30am. I was SO bloated. Ugh. Just kept telling myself I’d feel better soon. It worked before, it will work again. I hopped on the scale – 160.3. Up 4 lbs since ending my last Whole30. Emotional eating can have that affect.

Three weeks after our first Whole30, we said goodbye to our English Bulldog, Hank. At a mere 2 ½ years old he was diagnosed with Lymphoma. We spent 3 good months with our buddy, but it ended quickly.  Hank was our first baby together and was so young. That night, we did NOT feel like cooking and Whole30 quickly went out the window as we grieved over cookie cake, ice cream and Freddy’s for our dinner. One night turned into a 10 day emotional binge of gross/delicious processed food before we came back for round 2.


So the morning of Day 1, I didn’t love how my gym clothes looked on my puffy body after looking so great just a few weeks before. Regardless of what I saw in the mirror, I got my butt in gear and went to the gym. I had a great arm workout, which helped with motivation. This was my last workout of the 8 week program I’d been going through. For the first week of this round of Whole30, I decided to do a deload week. My first round of Whole30, I really struggled at the gym, so I thought the timing was perfect to my body a little break and let some healing happen since my gut was going to be healing too.


Day 1, We Meet Again

I made a great breakfast for us to enjoy of eggs, sausage, and potatoes. It kept me full until lunch! It was stark comparison to the last few weeks of constantly being hungry and thinking about food. The only downside of my Day 1 was a massive headache most of the day – I’m pretty Day 1 Lunchsure that came from the sugar withdrawal. Darn it!! Drank coffee like it was my job with no affect on my head. I packed up and working from home in the afternoon so I could be in a dark room.
Not a fan of my lunch (the beef stir fry), so I removed that from my potential meals list. Finally, my 4th cup of coffee and a Banana Bread LaraBar in the afternoon did the trick and my headache was gone! I was even went outside to weed my garden after work. So relieved!


I was in the garden when my hubby came home, he jumped in to help by cooking dinner. We had a smorgasbord of meats leftover, all small amounts, so he concocted an interesting meal of chicken, fish, and pork with green beans. It was a good meal, but we both just felt meh. Our Marriage Monday was pretty lame… we watched The Mindy Project until bed. We just kept reminding ourselves it’d all be better soon. I think it helps too that a couple different couples were starting today with us. Helps to know you have friends in the same boat. Tomorrow will hopefully be better!

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