Whole30 Day #11: Breakthrough


So today wasn’t technically leg day, but I was in the mood for it, so I switched things around. My fellow Whole30er decided to join me for the workout! While we were out at the jazz concert the other night, I asked her to join me and she agreed. She really enjoyed the workout and I was able to push myself to heavier weights this week. Win-win!


Jessi vs. Food

I’m doing much better with making sure I get my “post workout” foods in me. Having my eggs raw definitely helps because it’s a lot faster. I’m excited to note that food is not much of a priority anymore. By that I mean, I’m able to eat to fuel my body, but not be constantly focused on eating new “treats” or having a snack. I’m really not even preoccupied with the idea of food outside of nutritional reasons. And best of all, I can see when I’m bored and can make a conscious choice to not eat just for something to do. This blows me away!


It was another busy evening, but I was optimistic. Rushed home to make some quick spicy chicken salad for me and the hubs. It smelled awesome, but I grabbed an Rx Bar to get me through the events I had that evening. I’m not a fan of evenings like this, but they happen on occasion, so it’s nice to have these on the go options.


The blueberry muffin Rx Bar did it’s job and kept me full until I could make it home for dinner. I was exhausted — it was a really long day! But the chicken salad was delicious and I sat and zoned out for a good 20 minutes. Went to bed a little grumpy and slightly hungry, but I slept well. Pretty sure i just did too much!

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