Whole30 Day #13: So Many Good Things

Today was just FULL of good things. To start the day, I hit the gym bright and early with my new friend by my side! Had a great bicep workout. It was an extra special day because one of my favorite gym peeps was back from a week long work trip. Ended our workout with some sprints. UGH! But they were necessary. Gotta burn that fat!


It was a typical weekend day for me, moving from one thing to the next! I ran home after the gym and grabbed my post workout while cooking my breakfast. Got my daily readings done and ate my breakfast in the car while driving to meet another new friend for coffee. Drinking plain black iced coffee just keeps getting easier and easier. I NEVER thought I’d say that!


Grocery Time

Since I was right by my favorite grocery store, Fresh Thyme, I popped in. They had their chicken sausages on sale this week and I was able to find a few that were Whole30 compliant. Excited to see how they are! I stocked up on fruits and veggies too. This store has amazing sales! And everything looked so fresh and delicious… maybe I was just hungry, but I left there with a full tote!


I haven’t been planning my meals like I did my first round. It seemed to be more stressful doing that, although, I definitely needed it my first time around. Now, it’s become second nature to cook Whole30 compliant. There are plenty of go to recipes for us, and I don’t even have pull up recipes for everything anymore, it’s great! I’m anxious to get home, inventory, and see what fun dishes I can come up with!


Big Day!

This isn’t Whole30 related, but today was a really big day for me. And for my marriage. My husband taught me to ride a bike. A bicycle. You read that right. I had not learned until this year. 2016. At the age of 31. It was a neat experience. I think I’ll share it with you all soon — many things happened in that hour time span that was pretty incredible for our marriage. I’ll let you know when I decide to share this very intimate experience!


HuhotSo, since I am finally a big girl (LOL!), Seth took me out for dinner! Only our 2nd dining out experience on Whole30 (our first was to Lazlo’s in round 1, but much later in the 30 days). We did our research and figured out we could make HuHot work. I studied the list of compliant items and explained to Seth. It would be a much different plate than what we typically have (I can’t get enough of those rice noodles!), but we’d give it a shot.


It was delicious! Very similar to many things we eat at home on a regular basis, but it was nice to have everything already prepped for us AND have someone else cooking. We just ate. And talked and laughed. It was a great date night after a fantastic day! Full of so many good things!

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