Whole30 Day #16: So Refreshed

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Kylo, 9 months

I am happy to report that I woke up to the first sound of my alarm today! The alarm I use steadily increases in volume over a half hour, so you are ready to wake up at the time you set. Well, I popped up at 4am, 30 minutes before my actual wake time! Unfortunately, I didn’t get quite as much sleep as I’d like because we are puppy sitting for an anxious puppy who barked most of the night. Nevertheless, I got out the door and to the gym for a great back and bicep workout. Feeling strong and proud :)


While on Whole30, I feel like there is always more cooking to be done and this morning was no exception. Since we do have a little visitor, and it was his first morning, we were still figuring out our routine. He watched eagerly as I prepared our lunches and breakfasts. Those frozen potatoes saved me again today!


ChickenSaladI decided to try something new for our lunches: Chicken, bacon, onion salad — a twist on your average chicken salad. My mouth watered as I mixed together the ingredients, including the fresh bacon grease. Definitely a lunch to look forward too all morning. And it did NOT disappoint.


Pick-Me-Up Coffee

Even though I wasn’t exhausted, I did decide to have an iced coffee for a pick-me-up. Sometimes my Tuesday just get so long and dull (meetings, lots of requests), I feel like the caffeine helps keep me moving. The good news is I did not crave any foods. I was content with what I had during those meals and full outside of them. Power over my mind!!


I really did feel awesome all day. When I got home from work, there was no desire to sit down or lay on the couch. This used to be habit for me, like I couldn’t continue on without a nap! Nope, not on Whole30; new behavior is going straight into the kitchen to cook dinner!


Meal Prepping

Dinner was “spaghetti” :) We don’t even miss real pasta anymore. Spaghetti squash covered in homemade meat sauce has become a new favorite. No parmesan needed! It was absolutely delicious and my homemade “dump sauce” is getting better with each batch!

I had some extra time tonight so I decided to prep some lunches. Seth grilled up the pork for me while I whipped up a cauliflower rice tabouleh to go with it. These are going to be unique lunches, but fun to try something new. Everything smelled so amazing, can’t wait to try tomorrow!

Once all the cooking and packing was done, we headed out the door to meet with some friends. I received one of the best compliments ever tonight: “You look great and so refreshed.”


How awesome! At the end of a Tuesday to boot! That is amazing for me because usually, on Tuesday nights I feel like a bus has hit me and can hardly make it past 7:30pm. Whole30 is still rocking my world :)

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