Whole30 Day #17: Breaking the Routine

It is the best when my two favorite days of the week fall on the same day: work from home day and leg day! I was anxious for this morning because most of the lifts in this workout were new to me. While I love trying new workouts, I am just nervous about doing things when I don’t know how to do them… That’s the perfectionist in me. So I prepared the best I could by watching lots of YouTube videos and checking with my friends on a couple of things. Ended up having a great workout and I’m quite sure I’ll be feeling it the next couple of days!


Work From Home

In case you haven’t picked up on this yet, Wednesdays are work from home days for me. In the past, this was a challenge for me. Not the work, but rather the being in my house where there was a plethora of food. Typically, I couldn’t go a day working at home without having a treat or over eating. Work from home = Treat Day. Even if there was nothing in the house; I’d concoct some sweet treat or eat more than I should have a “healthy” snack, making it no longer healthy. I hate that this is the point I’d gotten to, but it’s the truth. And now maybe you understand a little better why this new way of life is so important to me.


Since Whole30, this has not even been a thing. It just blows my mind that I’m ok to be at home ALL day and I don’t eat off program. Don’t snack. Don’t try to create something to cheat with. Whole30 has given me this freedom. When I’m at home, I focus on work, not what is in my kitchen.



Today, I have a dentist appointment. I’m prone to cavities, even though I floss regularly. My husband likes to point out that he does not keep up on flossing AND he chews, yet he never gets cavities. Quite annoying! Anyway, I’m happy to report that I had a great checkup. I really believe my nutrition is part of this.


Best part of the trip to the dentist was what happened after the appointment. You see, I go to the dentist about 45 minutes from where I live. May seem crazy since I live in a large town with plenty of dentists, but when you find a dentist you like and trust, you do what you need to do.


Anyway, a routine of going to the dentist is to stop at the Burger King on the way out-of-town for a treat. You know, a reward for doing well. I know, I know… I just got my teeth cleaned, why would I do that? Well, I’d been conditioned, so it was hard to break. But not today! I drove right on by and didn’t stop until I was back at my home! Victory!


Thinking Has Changed

For dinner, I made another favorite, burgers and sweet potato fries. This was not a reward for my great checkup. Whole30 asks you to think of food differently, not as a reward. I’ve been working hard at changing my thinking about food and it’s working. I made something I liked because I had the time and wanted to. I appreciated the energy it gave me and that it tasted wonderful. I’m just so happy with my new mindset about food and that made for a pretty fantastic day for me!

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