Whole30 Day #19: Virus or Bad Food?

Day 18 Recap

So bummed right now. So yesterday, I decided to have Chipotle for lunch (kept it compliant!) which I’ve done on Whole30 before. It tasted so good! About 3 hours later I was super dizzy and sweaty. I left work a little early and went home. The feelings continued to get worse so I skipped my evening activities and just went to bed.


Still No Bueño

This morning, I woke up not feeling any better. Skipped the gym and headed to work. I had hopes the feelings would pass, but they did not… My coworker mentioned that my symptoms sounded like the Norovirus that is going around. She shared her experience when she had it a few weeks prior. It really sounded like that might be what I have!


Based on what I learned, I felt like I should go home because if I had the virus, I’d be contagious. So, I headed home for some more rest. Finally after a 4 hour nap, I woke up feeling, well, not much better… Seth fixed me a little dinner of some chicken and veggies. I ate about half of it and then was ready for bed again. I stopped fighting. My body seems to know what’s best to help me feel better. Sleeeeeeeep.


Also, I don’t think I have the Norovirus. I think I just got sick from my Chipotle. Boo.

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