Whole30 Day #2: WHOLE60?

Getting Back in the Swing

Yoga MatI woke up feeling ENERGIZED today. Seriously! One day and I already feel better. It blows my mind. Since I’m doing a deload week this week, I opted for some yoga at home. A few months ago, I discovered a great YouTube channel that I just love – Yoga with Adrienne. She’s got a ton of options on her channel; my selection for today was a 45 minute video with focus on waking up the body and stretching the lower back. It was a great workout and I was sweaty when I it was over.  Lower back pain is a constant issue for me, so this was a great way to get it loosened up. Once it was over, I stayed in corpse pose to meditate. Just being in the moment with God calmed me and I felt ready for the day.


After yoga, I moved to the kitchen to get breakfast and lunch going. Because I was so off last night, I didn’t take time to prep meals for the day. Even though I was a little behind schedule, the yoga truly put me in a great place and I wasn’t frustrated or down on myself. I really believe a mixture of the yoga and good food helps me to be in a better mood.



Opted for a new adventure for lunch – Buffalo ranch chicken salad and it was amazing! I couldn’t get enough. Just a salad with all the fixings (we love to include some plantain chips for the crunch and lots of veggies) topped with chicken and a spicy, buffalo version of dump ranch. I heard via text that it’s “Seth Approves”! 🙂 While enjoying lunch, I connected with some fellow Whole30ers on Instagram. One me gal challenged me to up the ante from Whole30 to Whole60, because that’s what she was doing. Nervously, I accepted. I love goals and, even more, I love challenges. I hate quitting, so now has me locked into 60 days! But, I’m not looking out that far yet. Just keeping my sights at making it through the first 30 days for now.


My experiment for lunch went so well, so I pulled out another new recipe for dinner — mashed potatoes using coconut milk and they were great! These also got Seth’s stamp of approval. We enjoyed them with our pork chops and had a nice chat over dinner tonight – it’s rare that we have time to sit down at the table together with our busy schedules. No headaches today and wasn’t even tired, usually not the case. When I’m not on Whole30, most days I want to come home and just lay down. I didn’t have the urge to do that today! The only bad thing that happened today was that I went to bed hungry, but I have a feeling that has something to do with all the stretching I did to my tummy the last few weeks.

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