Whole30 Day #21: Funday Sunday

Routine is a Beautiful Thing

We are really figuring these weekends out! For most of our marriage when we get through Friday, we don’t have a set schedule and we struggle. But Whole30 has really helped us find a rhythm like nothing else has. So, today, we got up early to get the day started right.


Seth was out the door for his quiet time and I had my prayer time followed by some yoga. Great start!! Next task: whip up something good to eat! I keep getting better and better at these Sunday morning breakfasts. Makes me so happy that it has become a habit, rather than a chore, or something I forget to do. And again, the routine just makes for a good day.


New Church

We headed out the door to church, but this week we tried something new. A good friend of ours, from the gym, let us know he’d be preaching at a church close to our home. He has been a guest preacher at a few different places and we’ve always wanted to go listen and support him. Today was the perfect opportunity!


The church was smaller than our regular church. And the music, while similar songs to what we typically hear to, the smaller ensemble was much smaller. It was intimate and our friend did a fantastic job. Not that it surprised me that he did so well, he’s a very insightful man, but it was great to hear him in person, in church.


One thing I took away from his sermon was the idea of what we as Believers refer to ourselves as. Typically we say we are “Christians”; however, he proposed a better term: “Christ Followers”. His reasoning was that we have an idea what it means to be “Christian” (believe in God, go to church, be nice). But shouldn’t we be doing so much more? Like pursuing Jesus? Of course, but how many people think of that when they hear someone say “I’m a Christian.” I really like this idea and have decided to use this new term, all thanks to our good friend.


Funday Sunday GolfFunday Sunday snack

After church, we met a couple from our Lifegroup for golf. Unfortunately, it was windy and 60s degrees, so I guess you could say it was a sub-par day for golf :) Oh, and no, I did not golf. The wife and I sat in the cart and chatted for all 18 holes! Since there was no time for lunch before, we had nuts and grapes in the car. I learned something new — you can have too many nuts! My tummy was upset after that, but that’s ok. Lesson learned.


RibeyeHubby Can Cook

When we got home from golf, we warmed up and Seth created an amazing dinner. We had ribeye with this fantastically unique pork topping. There was also a side of potatoes and veggies. He really outdid himself. And as I’ve mentioned before, I made sure to savor every bite because he’ll never remember how he did it. We were definitely stuffed, but no headaches or gut aches — Whole30 compliant foods just make you feel so much better!

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