Whole30 Day #22: Whole30 BBQing


Who doesn’t love a day off from work with your spouse? Especially a paid day off! We were so excited about all of the possibilities. One of which will BBQing this evening! But, why not sleep in first? Even though we are early morning people and don’t necessarily enjoy staying in bed late, it really was nice to do one time.


Finally we headed to the gym and it worked out super well — all our friends were there too! Ended up having a great chest and bicep workout! Totally seeing weights go up which just makes me stoked! Once we finished, we did spend way too much time catching up with our friends and hearing about all the latest cheat meals. Not a good idea after a long workout. I needed food and by the time we headed home for post and breakfast all I wanted was a HURTS DONUT!!!! (new donut place in our hometown with delicious looking donuts that I have yet to try! :( )


But, we were good. We enjoyed our post workout and had an extra big breakfast of hash browns, eggs, sausage and fruit! And it was all delicious — and after, we were really glad we didn’t go get a donut. It definitely set us up for a successful day. No thoughts of cheating or snacking. We were able to get some house projects done and just enjoy each other. Again, I’m amazed at how different I feel when I eat well. How little thoughts to additional food I have. Not little — just NO thoughts to food. I can focus on life and be excited by things other than just food.


BBQing on Whole30

So we had plans to attend a grill out tonight, which sometimes is difficult when on Whole30, right? Well, I was super excited for this one because a few of the other attendees (six to be exact) are also doing Whole30. We all agreed to bring compliant dishes so we could enjoy this event! I decided to make my favorite side dish every, spicy cole slaw! And Seth marinated some chicken for us to take.

BBQing food
When we arrived at the party, we were stoked about the spread. Yes, there was a massive amount of non-compliant foods, but there was plenty for us to enjoy :) We had our chicken and then spicy slaw, buffalo chicken dip with veggies, fruit, baked strawberries, more veggies and some La Croix (I hadn’t discovered this yet!)


Everything was fantastic and I didn’t even think about trying a dessert. Didn’t look appealing. I’m super excited about the La Croix option though. I was never much of a soda drinker — haven’t had one in months! But it will be nice to have a fun option for a drink! All in all, Seth and I were super happy with how we felt after making good decisions tonight!

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