Whole30 Day #24: Wednesdays are the Best Days

WFH Wednesdays

I just love my “Work From Home” Wednesdays. I’m so blessed that my job allows and encourages this flexibility. On these mornings, I’m able to take my time with my workout, cooking and a few chores since my commute is so short 🙂


My morning started with a great leg workout. I had a rough time walking up the stairs to go take a shower. It hurts so good! Once I was all ready for the day, I was feeling extremely productive and motivated. Crossing things off my list left and right — man it felt amazing. Even though multi-tasking isn’t a thing, I was doing something like it. Switching from task to task extremely quickly!


Afternoon Crash

It felt great to be doing so well all morning… but it didn’t last. Unfortunately, after I ate, I could no longer process. So instead of doing chores over lunch, I took a great 35 minute nap. It helped for sure, but I still hate feeling like that. I’m really wondering if the heat isn’t just kicking my butt. Still, the crash wasn’t like I used to have before Whole30.


Didn’t let the crash get me down. After the nap, I got right back to work. As I continue these days at home I’m just still so relieved that I have no cravings to cheat! It’s a miracle!


Lifegroup Time

Wednesdays are not only WFH days, but also Lifegroup days! It’s really turning into my favorite day of the week. This week was our turn to bring snacks. About half the group is doing Whole30 right now, so I thought long and hard about what I could take for everyone to enjoy.


Who doesn’t love chips and salsa?! I grabbed some plantain chips, regular chips and compliant salsa. The boys were skeptical about the plantains, but tried them anyway. Let me tell you, that bag was empty much quicker than the regular chips! 🙂 I guess they liked the introduction to some compliant snacks. (And yes, I do realize that’s an oxymoron by Whole30 standards!)

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