Whole30 Day #27: Wish List

It’s been a few days since I posted… because it’s been uneventful as far as Whole30 is concerned. Food is hardly a thought outside of prep it and when it’s time to eat (which is now only 3 times a day). This new fact is something I just can’t get over. It’s amazing. I’m not stressing about what I can and can’t eat — true freedom!


Lunch Time with My Honey

Seth decided to come home extra early today, which caught me off guard, but was a great surprise. I was sitting down to eat when he came in, so we ended up enjoying our lunches together. We had pork tenderloins wrapped in bacon with some marinated cucumbers. A deliciously filling meal!


Because we had no plans, we took our time and enjoyed the day. A few house projects and cleaning, followed by naps. When dinner time came around, Seth took the lead and whipped another one time only concoction. I’m telling you, I really hit the jackpot when it comes to husbands who can cook!


Date Night

The Hueninks rarely have a “typical” date nights, and this evening was no exception. Holmes Lake was our destination this evening, so we headed there and sat by the shore. We people watched in silence for quite a while (this is still something I’m learning how to do — sit in silence). It was relaxing and very calm. Also quite humorous as we didn’t even bring our phones, and all the people around us were glued to theirs.


We needed a few things, so we swung by the grocery store before heading home. I have a dinner tomorrow with my Omaha gals, and I’m providing the meat. So we grabbed some chicken breasts that Seth will marinate for us.


Post Whole30 Plans

OreosHere’s where the really atypical part of our date night comes in… While wandering the aisles, we created a wish list of all the things we want to try once our Whole30 times 2 (Whole60) is complete. A few items we found included interesting spreads like cookie butter and cookies & cream (dressed up peanut butter). We got excited. Seth spotted some tasty pastries and some cookies we’ve never tried.


There was no craving happening. It was all just daydreaming. Neither of us felt tempted and it was not hard to walk away. Seth and I are loving our Whole30 lifestyle, but it was fun to think about what we might enjoy together. I put our list in my phone and we agreed these would be the things we’d try once we got done. And we would do them together! Here’s the kicker, if it’s not on the list, we don’t do it! :)

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