Whole30 Day #28: W30 Girls’ Night

Cardio on a Sunday

Decided to trying something new today. Well, not NEW, but something I haven’t done since I was training for a half marathon almost a year ago. Anyway, I got up early and went to our favorite place for a cardio-only gym session. It was a great start to my Sunday.


In addition to a good morning workout, I made sure to get my post workout, Whole30 nutrition in. However, between getting cleaned up and out the door on time for church, I didn’t have time to cook some breakfast, so I substituted a blueberry Rx Bar. It was delicious and got me through service.


Sunday Fundaybrunch

Because we didn’t eat much before, after church we were very ready for food. So, we rushed home and made a large brunch together. We had chicken and bacon with potatoes and eggs and a side of fruit. It was filling and yummy! We’d scheduled an early afternoon pool date, therefore, time to let this all digest was limited. Oh well, POOL TIME!


We met up with a new couple, from our Lifegroup, and enjoyed some sun and heat by their private country club pool. The breeze kept us cool and we didn’t realize we were actually getting some sun… I found out later, I definitely did get crispy!


Girls’ Night

After the pool, Seth went golfing and I headed home to rinse off, grab our chicken and headed up to see my ladies for girls’ night! Throughout the week, they all decided to eat Whole30 with me, so they put together a lovely compliant dinner. They are such amazing friends.


girls' night spreadIt all turned out awesome and we had quite the spread: Chicken, sweet potato fries, roasted veggies and fruit soaked in orange juice and vanilla powder. They even made a compliant dessert of apple crisp. Yes, Whole30 doesn’t allow for dessert, but since they aren’t doing the program, it was fine. And truly, how thoughtful of them to find something I could enjoy as well.


It was a wonderful evening of conversation, lots of babies, and yummy foods. I really enjoyed the fruit and will make that again for Seth. I’m also excited to try the apple crisp dessert for my Lifegroup. What friends to make a whole meal that I could enjoy along with them. Have I said how blessed I am?!

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