Whole30 Day #29: Not Your Average Monday!

Well, it’s day 29. If I’d just been doing a Whole30, it’d be almost over. But it’s not. There’s 31 one more days to this round, and I couldn’t be more excited!


Monday, Monday

It’s Monday morning — I’m not feeling it. I was out really late last night, not getting into bed until after 11pm! I don’t know how I managed to make that happen, but it was worth every minute with those ladies. Don’t remember the drive home… but I made it back safe and sound 🙂


Woke up feeling refreshed and energized, ready for the day. Sleeping in was a great idea! To be honest, I am not used to feeling this great after a girls’ night. We usually indulge in amazing appetizers and delicious desserts made by our pastry chef girlfriend. Every single girls’ night, I eat way too much and feel like I need to be rolled home. And then, wake up with headaches much like that of a hangover.


Lunch Date

Whole30 keeps being awesome for me. So on a Monday, everyone’s least favorite day of the week, I was feeling ready and energized. My morning flew by with meetings and I was looking forward to my lunch date with my sister-in-law!


Since we both had some dietary standards to adhere to, we picked one of my favorite burger places near my office. She’s gluten-free, so she picked a delicious burger, no bun. This was my first time going there and NOT getting a burger. I was a little nervous about my selection of a salad with chicken, but it was fantastic. And yes, I had my dump ranch in my purse 🙂


Reunion Monday_girlsnight

The fun events just kept coming on this Monday. A good friend from middle & high school was in town from Florida. We met for Happy Hour and while the girls sipped Moscow Mules, I enjoyed my water. We swung by my house to decide where we’d have dinner. Once they made their selection, I ran through the menu and realized I’d need to have another salad this evening. So, I whipped up another batch of dump ranch. The girls teased about Whole30 and me taking my special dressing, but when they tried the ranch, they were impressed!


All of the food descriptions made me wish I wasn’t on Whole30. Seth joined us for dinner and had a burger with the famous fries. Everyone was oooing and ahhing over the food, but I focused on my Cobb Salad and dump ranch.


It was a little tough to watch everyone enjoy their burgers and fries, but I got over it pretty quickly. Seth let me know I made the right choice; the fries were apparently not that great. LOL. Great girls night and I was able to make it through and stick to Whole30! Super reassuring!

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