Whole30 Day #31: Bring On Another!

Onto the Next 30

Day 30 of my Whole30 flew by! I didn’t even give it a thought. On to the next 30!! And I’m excited about it too. Love how I feel, and think, and act. It really has done a number on my whole attitude and outlook on life. Who would have thought something so simply as changing your diet could have this major of an effect.


Wednesdays Bring Good Things

30 breakfast

It’s Wednesday again, and we all know how much I love that day of the week. It’s also leg day — so it truly is the best day of the week. The perfect storm :) After I cooked my favorite breakfast (sweet potato hashbrowns, eggs, with chicken) and freshened up, I settled into my work-from-home spot. All of the sudden I realized I’d have company today. My hubby would be joining me in WFH! He kept not leaving and then I saw him pull out his computer and set up at the dining room table. New experience! As an agronomist, he spends most of his time out in fields, so WFH is not really an option.


WFM With Hubby

Luckily neither of us have a ton of meetings, so it was pretty quiet in our house. When Set got phone calls, he’d step out on the deck and pace. During the two calls I had, I sat on the front porch. It worked out great! I really enjoyed just seeing him in the other room, even though we hardly spoke. It’s rare we get a whole day in the same place, so I soaked it up!


whole 30 favWe paused our day to enjoy our lunches together. Mine included my new favorite thing — strawberries with almond butter. YUM! Lunch together was such a nice little treat! On a regular day, there is no chance we’ll have lunch together since we are about 45 minutes away from each other. Since it is so rare for us, so we definitely enjoy it when it works out!


Hair Day

I almost forgot — triple threat today — WFH, Leg Day, and HAIR DAY. I rarely get my hair done these days, so when I do, it’s an extra special treat. My blonde hair can get a bit dingy, so I was ready for a brighten up! Plus, I get to catch up with my old neighbor and good friend, so it’s more like a hangout :)


I miscalculated my time when I made the appointment and did not leave time to make dinner. Leaving the salon, I was feeling pretty bad about not planning better… I texted Seth and let him know my status. When I arrived home, I found he’d already prepared delicious salads with the citrus dressing from the Whole30 book! All to-go. What a stud!


Whole30 is just such a part of our life, at this point, I don’t even give it a second thought. We ended our night with our Lifegroup. The snack was puppy chow. No part of me missed indulging. YAY! Another great Wednesday, with some unique additions!

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