Whole30 Day #32: Happy Day!

Since I missed my workout on Monday, and we didn’t stay out too late at Lifegroup, I opted to go to the gym instead of staying home for yoga. It was shoulder day and I really pushed my weights. I am sore, but feel awesome! Love being able to lift heavier each week.


The energy from the Whole30 life continues to flow. I feel light and happy; things don’t bother me like they used to at work. I’m even less irritable at home and I know Seth appreciates that! :)


Celebratory Lunch

It’s an extra special Thursday because I had lunch plans with my girlfriends from the gym to celebrate some fun life stuff. I’d been craving Huhot again and since they could make that “fit their macros”, they agreed on that spot. We all arrived at the same time and parked right together. It made me smile.


carsCelebrations included a birthday… and lots of old lady jokes. And an engagement!! So it was a very happy lunch. As we sat there and chatted over our delicious concoctions, I remembered back to when I met them. Casual chatting at the gym over a year ago. And look at us now! These two are the best and I love when we can pause our crazy work days and enjoy each other outside of the gym, makeup and all!


We talked about the wedding, and about how life has changed as we’ve gotten older. We each had two plates of food and were full, happy ladies heading back to the office. The big difference for me was that, since I didn’t have noodles or rice, I never felt tired after lunch. That is not my usual Huhot experience, so it was really nice! I powered through the afternoon and didn’t eve need my last cup of coffee!


A Break From Routine

Thursday night is very much like the rest of the week, home just long enough to whip up a quick dinner and back out the door, only to regroup with Seth about 30 minutes before bed. I didn’t feel like doing that tonight, so I decided, hey, I’ll just stay home!Whole30 Sweet Potato Noodles


I made a new menu item: Chicken with sweet potato noodles topped with a savory cashew sauce! Fantastic! Sweet potato noodles are my new favorite. It was super simple and was a huge hit.


After dinner, we went out for a walk around our neighborhood and paused for a concert in the park. We frequently hear the music as we are coming home from a busy day, but rarely get to enjoy. Tonight was great to actual pause from our hectic evenings and enjoy music and people watch. I am convinced again, this is all possible because of Whole30 — it has helped me slow down and not be so overwhelmed by life!

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