Whole30 Day #34: Full Speed Ahead

Saturday Run-day!

I decided to mix up my morning workout a bit. A run sounded like a great idea! Yeah… That’s weird, but it has been a while since I just got out and ran. Before I headed out to my favorite trail, I swung by the gym. A good friend was there and just heading to the treadmills for a run/walk. I convinced her to join me outside instead.


It was great — we hadn’t gotten the chance to talk much lately so we were able to catch up and the time flew by. We ended up running 2.5 miles, no stops, with an impressive time of 9 1/2 minute miles. We are slow runners, so we were excited with this performance. Especially since we hadn’t run for distance in months.



Cram In All the Thingspost-run_monkeysalad

Because I’m not great about stretching, I hung around the gym after my run to do that with Seth. It was nice to spend time together and to learn some stretches from him. It felt so great, but also took like 45 minutes. Seth said it was like our date for the weekend (since I worked at The Room that night).


We went home and made a large brunch with sausage, potatoes and eggs. He made a special request for Monkey Salad, so I whipped that up as well — he just loves that stuff! 🙂 Normally, one or the other of us does the cooking, even though our kitchen in plenty big. But today, we fixed brunch together!
While we were cooking, I got a text saying I could come into work late! So we decided to make the most of our extra couple of hours and headed to the store for some fresh produce. $70 worth! We had a blast wandering the aisles, talking about what we’d eat if we could, and then making plans of what we’ll actually eat. This is no surprise, you’ve heard me talk about our grocery shopping tendencies in this blog series, and others.


Time for Work

PestoWhen we got home, we unloaded and I got ready for work. Luckily I’d planned ahead and made extra dinners for us for today. Since we ate a late breakfast, I packed up some fruit and nuts for a mid-day meal and took the dinner of pork chops with avocado pesto and zoodles for dinner!


My meals powered me through my evening at work. Many evenings at the room, I feel bloated and tired, but tonight, this was not the case! I had energy and no cravings for snacks! It’s so out of the ordinary, I just can’t get over it. Have I told you how much I love Whole30?!

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