Whole30 Day #35: Lifestyle Change


Routine + Discipline = Lifestyle Change

Sunday rolled back around… And we are getting REALLY good at them. Talk about a lifestyle change! I got up and had my quiet time, but still had plenty of time to make us a nice breakfast! This morning I got a little adventurous with an egg, turkey, pepper scramble. And of course, a side of monkey salad! We just can’t get enough!


We headed off to church; the music this week totally knocked my socks off! After service, Seth had plans to meet with a guy for coffee, so he did that and I went off to a quiet nook and read. It was delightful and the best part was I didn’t get hungry at all while I waited!


Celebration Sunday

Today is a good friend’s birthday and since we are heading over there later for a BBQ, we decided to grab her a little treat. She’s a gym friend, so we eat pretty similarly most of the time. But this girl does have a sweet tooth. I’d recently heard about a new cookie company in town and was dying to check them out. On the weekends, you can only find her at the Farmer’s lifestyle_fruitMarkets. Luckily Sunday’s market is just down the street from church, so we swung by and grabbed an assortment for the bday girl!



At the party, there was quite the selection of meats, but I carefully selected a burger without cheese. I found one without and enjoyed it bun-less of course. It’s odd how little I miss buns or really any breads or grains. How freeing! The girls also had veggies, fruits and potatoes. Even though it wasn’t a Whole30 crowd, there was plenty to eat. I only had to turn down the bun and chips! Super proud of myself for not cheating yet again. But those cookies sure looked good! 🙂

Typical Sunday Meal Preplifestyle_quiche

It turned into a stormy Sunday and the LAST thing I wanted to do was go home from the party and cook. I was sleepy (not from food!) and just wanted to cuddle on the couch. But I did have some good energy because of this great program and ended up spending 3 hours of meal prep. I appreciate the way this program affects my lifestyle. My menu included brisket, cole slaw, mixed fruit, a breakfast quiche and a few other I know I’ll be super grateful thorough the week for doing this, but I did pour into bed after all that cooking! 🙂

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