Whole30 Day #4: Measurements


Hanky “helping” with yoga.

So I completely understand the idea behind a deload week. I know it’s important for my body, but dang it, I feel like a lazy blob! I’m getting so BORED! I did yoga again this morning, which was nice and really got the blood flowing. But it’s just not lifting weights, you know? Also, yoga just makes me emotional. My buddy used to sit on or right next to my mat. Walk under me when I was doing downward dog and stick is smushy face right in mine at any possible second. It’s weird without him here.


Ok enough of the sad talk – How am I feeling? Well, between the good food and the yoga, I feel calmer and at peace again today! What a great feeling!! I had a “full bucket” that I was ready to share with others. I didn’t experience this sensation this early last round. On day 4 last round, I was still struggling with a foggy head. I’m guessing bounced back quickly because I was only out on my binge for 10 days. Regardless, I’m grateful for the better mood I’m able to have on this program.


Lunch Hour Excursion

Stepping away from my desk over lunch is always something I’ve struggled with. Typically, I eat at my desk and keep working, and never really take much of a lunch break. However, I’ve been working on it a ton and today I ventured to Target. It’s a dangerous place for women like me, but I was confident to not go too far off the beam. Seth loves hearing that I’m going there… That’s a lie. :) But today, as I wandered, I found a great deal on 2 lamb chops. 1 lb for $4.18/lb and $2 off that! Score!! Seth is so creative and has made great lamb dishes before so I’m sure he’ll come up with some great Whole30 meal with these. That’s it. That was my purchase that day! Impressed?



Technically, I broke the Whole30 rules today because we got measurements done. This is something I hadn’t done since January and we couldn’t get together with our “pinch guy” until this week, so we went ahead and set up the appointment. I was stoked to find out I dropped about 4% body fat since January (and since I’d gained a lot of weight in Feb/March, I know a lot of that was during Whole30). I won’t be going back until I’ve completed my Whole60, but it was motivation for sure. I’m sitting at 20.8% BF, only 2.8% above my goal and I’m thinking I could shatter that goal this year! Let’s just say I went to bed feeling extremely confident and satisfied this evening! :)

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