Whole30 Day #41: No Plans, Yet No Cheats

After 3 night late nights in a row, I was miserable. Nothing to do with Whole30, and it there were no cheats! Pretty proud of that, but not for packing too much into my week! I went to bed extremely early on Friday — I had NOTHING left in me! We are talking 8pm bedtime. I needed it!



I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to go, and not groggy, wanting more sleep. It was a good feeling after the rough mornings I’d had throughout the week. Headed to the gym with hubby and had great workouts along side each other. We also spent time stretching together.


Seth made a great brunch for us and it was extremely filling. Since we had a long morning at the gym, our meal came closer to 11am, which made it more lunch than anything. We had no real plans for the day, which used to make me nervous. I don’t eat well when I have no plans…. But, the food carried us through the afternoon and we were able to stay focused and accomplish a ton of house work — and we actually had fun doing it! Guys, do you see that eating well can really impact your mood?! Because I do… :)


We were getting hungry at about 3:45, so Seth created a yummy fish salad with some cod and who knows what else. It was great though! It was more like a snack since we had plans for a date night later… So we ate and continued about our day. Can you see how Whole30 helps us draw the line? Eating is for nourishment, but doesn’t totally derail our day! It’s amazing!


Huhot Date Night

We opted for a date night at our favorite Whole30 spot — Huhot. Not that it’s all compliant, but we have been able to figure out how to have a delicious Whole30 approved meal and still enjoy the idea of a date night :) We ate and talked about work, life, our lifestyle change, plans for the fall… It was wonderful. I’m so grateful Seth embarked on this journey with me. Although I am now confident I could do it without him — it is so much better WITH him!

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