Whole30 Day #42: Is This Real Life?

A New Normal

Whole30 is life. It’s Sunday again, and day is easy. Never ever thought I’d say that about a Sunday in the Huenink household! We both got out of bed at a decent time. Seth went off on his own, and I enjoyed my prayer and meditation in the living room. I walked away from it feeling calm and connected. I wish every day could be like this.


Time to cook — so I whipped up some eggs, bacon and, my favorite, sweet potato hash browns! A delicious breakfast and good moods; we laughed, talked and genuinely enjoyed each other on our way to church. Not that we don’t normally, but so often there is tension because we are running late or someone (usually me) has expectations. That just wasn’t there today and it was nice.


Cream & Sugar?

After service, we grabbed iced coffees from the church coffee shop. I still laugh when people ask “Room for cream?” No, thank you. “Any flavors?” Nope. And they just look at me like I’m a little odd. I agree, I would have said the same, but now, I LOVE plain black cold coffee. Thank you Whole30.

Life Together


And we were off to Menards! I needed a few supplies for a project I was working on, so we swung in and obviously got more than we needed. I love that store — and you always Save Big Money 🙂 We headed across town for groceries and lunch. Since we had that yummy, filling breakfast, we were sitting good and decided to do groceries first.


We hit our 3 typical stores — that all sit next to each other on the same road. Got what we needed from each and wandered a bit. Finally it was lunch time. Qdoba had sent us a BOGO, so we had them concoct Whole30 compliant salads. Two meals for $9! What a deal! We left feeling satisfied, but not uncomfortable and sleepy like we do after our typical Sunday brunches. How refreshing!


Fav Food LifeConfession

I’ll confess — we have “snacked” a bit this past week… I know, I know, snacking isn’t Whole30. Our snacks have been LaraBars and nuts. We haven’t gone off program, but we made a pact to do better about not giving in to mental cravings in between meals. Have I mentioned how much I love having Seth do this with me!


It was a nice little Sunday. We worked on the house a little, and we enjoyed each other a little. Seth decided to fast after lunch (he really likes fasted workouts. I’ll have to have him tell you about it sometime….), so I made myself my favorite Almond Burger for dinner (hamburger topped with bacon, almond butter and grilled onions) and sweet potato “fries”!! And… got brisket ready for lunches this week. It was a good day.

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