Whole30 Day #44: Just Your Average Tuesday

So I’m about half way through my second 30 days this round. Day 44. A warm, sunny Tuesday. This has just become my new life. It’s easy. I don’t feel like I want to cheat at all. To be honest, I really don’t even think about it!


Daily Grind

Yet again, it’s leg day — my favorite. Had a great workout and rushed home to get ready for a busy Tuesday at the office. We didn’t prep any breakfasts this week, but there was some beef left over from the weekend. Eggs and beef it is! Added some tomatoes and made a nice little scramble with a side of sweet potatoes.


Tuesday SaladThis was such a great morning, I was in the mood and ready to get things done! Feeling focused and driven. What a great way to walk into work. It promised to be a crazy day full of meetings, and lots of additional tasks that needed to get done. I barely had time to step away from my desk, other than to get more water and go to the bathroom. Good thing I bring my lunches and don’t have to snack. Planning ahead really pays off!


It was a day and my brain was fried. Here’s a big difference I’m noticing while on Whole30. When I had days like this one in the past, I’d text Seth on my way home and let him know I’d be napping. Maybe we’d eat, maybe we wouldn’t. I would not be up for much of anything though, that’s for sure. Instead of napping, I went right to work in the kitchen to get our dinners and tomorrow’s lunches ready to go. My brain may have been friend fried, but I still had energy to keep going and get done what needed to be done. And that is awesome!


Snacking Update

So, I’ve done so much better on the no snacking this week. I have not eaten outside of meal time at all. I honestly am not even thinking about food unless I’m super hungry. Food isn’t what crosses my mind when I’m bored these days. We aren’t really planning out meals this round either, we are just cooking, and how we cook is Whole30. I love it!

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