Whole30 Day #46: Label Reading

Full Day Ahead

Thursday means it’s yoga day again! Even though it gets easier as each week passes, I still miss my buddy when I have yoga time. But, all in all, it was a good workout. My heart rate was elevated and my cup was full. It’ll be a crazy day, so I’m really glad I to pause and take some time first thing.


Per usual, it was a full day. Meetings, emails, one offs, new asks, learning. All good things and they make the day fly by! Honestly, busy days are great when on Whole30. They help so much! Although I haven’t been struggling much with the desire to snack this week, which is nice. But definitely having days like this keep me rolling right through and, all of a sudden, another Whole30 day passes.



Over lunch, my coworker and I made a quick trip to the store for groceries. She does low carb, so we purchase similar foods and are definitely both label readers. As we read labels, I noticed how different they appear to me these days. In the past, my eyes would go straight to the macro nutrient listings only and now I fly past that chart down (or over) to the ingredients list. That’s all I look at! It makes shopping much faster looking for a few simple words (sugar, soy, corn) and I’m continually surprised (and disappointed) by how many things these things are in!whole30 porkchop


Not much else to report today. I ate 3 meals, no snacks, and worked hard. My new norm! Seth cooked our dinner out on the grill, which, all of you know by now, is my favorite!! I honestly can’t imagine going back to my old life of bingeing, eating dairy or grains, feeling bloated… Don’t let me do it!!

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