Whole30 Day #48: Plan to Succeed

weekend workout

Jam Packed Weekend

Going to bed early on Friday has its perks. We are able to pop out of bed at our normal week day time and still get our workout in when we have busy days ahead, like this one was sure to be. Workout today: Arm Day! And it was a great workout. My weights have gone up, which just feels awesome! I feel strong, and am loving the arm pump today! Thank you Whole30 for helping me drop the chub so you can actually see it! 🙂


Seth had plans to help a friend out with some yard work (on an acreage). I whipped up a special creation I like to call the “western scramble” — we loved it! Keep him full during his long morning. I stayed in the kitchen longer than I would have liked to on a Saturday morning, but, since it’s my day at the escape room, it was a must. Meal prep consisted of salmon patties with a special topping, beef brisket with potatoes, and my special cucumbers and onions sauce.


I won’t lie, after all the cooking I was pretty tired. I snuck upstairs for a short name before getting ready to head out for work. The morning flew by, but it was well worth it. Many nights when I work there, I feel bloated and have an upset tummy eating my old way. Even if it was good food. It’s pretty clear that dairy, grains and supplements do a number on me. I’ll have to do some experimenting to see what I want to include moving forward.weekend dinner


Working Woman

My meals were fantastic and gave me great energy to power through the day! And it was a crazy one! Back to back to back, all day long! The day was wearing on us, so we popped over to the coffee shop for a pick-me-up. Unfortunately, they were out of toddy, so I went with iced espresso with a splash of water. Not bad! It kept me going through the evening, right until the last group. Best part of the night: no bloating and no cravings, not even for gum!

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