Whole30 Day #49: Preparation & Reflection

Sundays…scramble preparation

Here we are again. Up early to do our separate quiet times. Breakfast preparation was my first priority so we could get out the door early. Since the scramble went over so well yesterday, I made it again! We are both really enjoying eating breakfast on Sundays before church, so I hope we can keep that up once this whole thing is over.


After the service, we decided to try to get most of our groceries at Sam’s this week. We aren’t able to get it all there, but we found a good portion of the items we would need for the week. Experimenting to see if it makes sense financially. Some things yes, some things no. It’s still going to require a lot of price shopping and store hoping to keep the grocery bill down. Not easy to do when looking for things like Whole30 suggests, but the outcome of how we feel definitely outweighs the expense. Plus, when we feel this good, we aren’t getting sick and needing medicine or doctor visits. So it seems like it will balance out!


Lunch today was rotisserie chicken with red potatoes covered in our favorite cucumbers and onions, again. Yum. Nice to have that rotisserie chicken in the fridge and ready to pull a part for meals! Whole30 “convenience food”. 🙂


Weekly Preparation/Reflection

preparation and planningA practice I’ve added to my week is to set time aside on Sundays, before the week starts, to prepare, both mentally and physically. Usually, the best time to do this is while Seth is away on Sunday evenings. I spend time meal prepping (if needed), and planning out the next week, future meals, groceries, down time, household tasks, and thinking about the week ahead. This week, we already completed meal prepping together, early in the afternoon. Another part of my preparation is reflecting on how the past week went. It’s helpful to see what is left on my to do list, where I have spent my time, what I could improve on, what meals went well, etc.


This time is sacred and when I don’t do it, I truly feel like I’m playing catch up all week. I make this sound like it’s something I’ve always done, but it’s definitely a new 2016 thing. Whole30 requires me to be more prepared with meals and I just need to invest time in preparing and looking back and doing a lessons learned approach.


Seth ended up fasting this evening and I wasn’t very hungry because of our late, large lunch. A few strawberries with almond butter was quite satisfying this evening and off to bed, ready for the week!

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