Whole30 Day #5: Loose Juice

The Night Before a Tire Workout…

I could hardly sleep — I was so energized about the tire workout my gym girls and I  had planned for bright and early! When I woke up, I immediately felt gross from the humidity and secretly (or maybe not so secretly) hoped they’d change their minds. It was 87 degrees when we walked out to select our tires. At 5:30am. Not cool. But our fearless leader said “We can do it ladies!” As we rolled our eyes, we grabbed the lightest tires we could find. 🙂 It ended up being a fantastic workout and we got to watch the sunrise!


The Juice Is Loose

Following our steamy workout, I rushed home to cook and get out the door. I felt joyful; my mood was so great I was oozing it all over. I hate people like that! But now, that’s me. Sometimes. However, it is nice to walk into the office with my head held high, not sulking, ready to greet whoever I meet.


After checking email, I headed across the road to meet a friend for coffee and to discuss this blog! I’ll be honest, other than having some ideas of stories to share, I had no idea what I was getting into so guidance was greatly appreciated! Let’s just say this day MAY have been a too-much-coffee-day. As my coworkers would say “the juice is loose”. They even have a theme song and a sign on my door they flip when I’m a little too…. Energized.


Eating Out on Whole30

A coworker was having her last day, so I joined my team for lunch. Of course she selected a bar with nothing Whole30 compliant. Luckily, I had prepared some spicy dump ranch that morning and stuck it in my purse. My team is so supportive that when I left my ranch at the office, they took me back to get it! Anyway, I enjoyed my dump ranch on a yummy iceberg lettuce salad. It wasn’t the best, but I didn’t feel that disgusting bloated feeling you get after eating bar food. While the rest of my team was in a food coma all afternoon, I was able to work and get things done with a clear head!


My meals out were not over for the week. My aunt and uncle came to visit and I encouraged my mom and aunts to all do dinner. They kept selecting places Seth and I would not be able to enjoy so we took it upon ourselves to take them to a nice steak house and foot the bill so we could enjoy too. It was fantastic!! Salad, Prime Rib and baked potato with salt and pepper. Delicious! I watched the rest of my family gobble up all the bread, but I left there feeling better than I ever have, so it was worth it! We were very pleased to enjoy a delicious meal and to, again, leave feeling great.

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