Whole30 Day #51: Power Outage

Morning Inconveniences

We were woken up on and off all night by the storms. When our alarms finally went off at 4:30 a.m., we just got out of bed since we were already awake. Because we were both up at the same time, I let Seth get ready (no lights is a must for him) and out the door first. I checked for water in our basement and read a bit while I waited.


As I headed over to the gym, the rain came back. When I got there, the power flickered a bit, but stayed on. Once I had my shoes on, I walked over to stretch before my run, and the lights went out completely. I grouped up with my girlfriends and we laughed and chatted. Finally the front desk lady came in and kicked everyone out. “We can’t have you guys in here with no power. We’re closing. Sorry.”

no power breakfast
Now what?! I guess I’ll go home and do some yoga. When I arrived back home, surprise, we didn’t have power either. 🙁 So now yoga is out. And I can’t cook. WHAT DO I DO?! I decided the best thing to do would be to just go back to bed at this point… so I did. Seth stayed up and stretched.


No Power Needed

I dozed for about an hour and woke up to my alarm. At the same time, the power came back on! Great. It’s 7:30 a.m. and nothing is ready for our work day. I hurried downstairs to find Seth walking in from the rain with our cast iron skillet. He cooked our breakfast of eggs and bacon on the grill outside! What a guy!! So even though we had no power most of the morning, we still could have a Whole30 breakfast and be to work at a decent time. I was also thanking myself for making multiple lunches this weekend.


a-rainy-dayRough Day

So Monday was a great day, but Tuesday, after no power, just didn’t get much better. One thing after another just made it a really rough day. I had a moment of weakness and while grocery shopping and purchased a bag of plantain chips. Yes, they are technically Whole30 complaint, but not as a snack and definitely not the whole bag at once. Over the course of the afternoon, I ended up eating the whole thing. It did NOT go well for me. I was extremely tired.


Not able to shake the tiredness, I headed home early and passed out for an hour and a half. I was in no mood for dinner, so I just continued to lay in bed. Dramatic? Maybe, but I just wanted a new day to do over! I’ll blame the weather for all this, not Whole30! 🙂

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