Whole30 Day #53: Final Stretch Gratitude

Future Thinking

It’s so close I can taste it! But really, I don’t care all that much about going back to the old me. I’m enjoying my new way of life. It just continually amazes me how food has been affecting me for so long. Even when I thought I was “eating well”. It might be “well” for others, but not optimal for me.


Naturally, I’ve started thinking about how I will move forward from here. I think I’d like to continue to stay away from grains. The only ones I really miss are oatmeal and quinoa, so why even bother with other stuff? Also, I don’t miss dairy like I thought I would, so that’s great! Maybe just adding milk back in (on occasion). We shall see!


Back to Present

So, Day 53. Started off the day with a sprinting cardio workout that I was supposed to do on Tuesday (didn’t because power was out!). It’s getting easier all the time! A big difference I’ve noticed since being on Whole30 is that I don’t sweat like I used to. I’m not complaining — it’s just different because I used to sweat ALL THE TIME. But today, I was drenched, so I knew I worked hard!


Following the advice of Seth,  I stretched a ton before and after. It really does make for a better workout. Not to mention how much it helps me throughout the day. Once I finished, I headed home for my typical post workout (raw eggs & pumpkin/apple sauce mix) and whipped up breakfast: sausage, eggs and potatoes. Yum!


Thirsty Thursday

back to back_coffeeThis Thursday promised to be crazy busy with back to back to back meetings. I stopped and grabbed a coffee on my way in. When did black iced coffee start to taste so good?!


The day flew by and it was time to head home before I knew it! Another thing I’m feeling especially grateful for is to not have those mid-afternoon cravings. Those used to KILL me. My brain would say “I need a treat and I need it NOW.” And one piece of candy never satisfied me. I needed a whole bag of chips! Or two candy bars. I lack the ability to moderate. The fact that while on Whole30 I don’t even think about food outside of close to meal time is a blessing.


Back to Back Continues

I had an exceptionally full evening to look forward to, so I scurried home from work (a whopping 7 minute drive; 10 during “rush hour”) and got dinner going. Before I was out the door and on to the next thing, I shot Seth a text letting him know the status of our meal and how he could finish up.


back to back_snackMy tummy was growling loudly, but I was going to a place where food was served, so I couldn’t take my own. Thank goodness for RxBars! I scarfed one on my way and it held me over until I could finally eat the dinner I made at the commitment.


Finally Thursday was over. Days like this used to have me whining, barely enough energy to make it home after work. But thanks to Whole30, I can power through all the way to bedtime. Not that I recommend it or that I’d like to do it every day, but sometimes it’s necessary and it’s nice to not feel like I’m riding the “struggle bus” starting at 3pm! Now, time for bed!

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