Whole30 Day #54: Whole30 Dinner Date

End of the Week!

Friday, Friday, Fri-Yay! 🙂 I’m ready. It’s been a long work week and I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend with a dinner date mixed in. Yes, I have those every now and then. Didn’t even dawn on me lately that we are on Whole30. It’s just normal eating now. Cool huh?


My workout today included the dreaded hang clean & presses. I’m not so good at these, and I’m worse at learning from Seth! He thinks I can lift more than I think I can. I’m stubborn, so I “won” and he gave up teaching. So really, did I win? No. I’ll get better at these. And at taking direction.


Are We Done Yet?

It was another full day — why not? The whole week had been, so better just keep it going. At least I didn’t have to worry about food. Because I knew my evenings were full I prepared extra lunches on Wednesday for the rest of the week! Since Whole30, this has become my routine for Wednesdays and it’s easy to do over my lunches at home.


Friday went by quickly, but there was just a lot going on. Thankfully, these days, I don’t get derailed because of too much eating or “bread brain”. Tiger Blood has given my life new meaning, although it probably perpetuates a terrible habit in me to pack my days to the gills. More on that another time! 🙂


Friday Night Date Night

dinner dateThis Friday, we planned to have some friends over for dinner. A coworker recently got engaged and I hadn’t had the opportunity to meet the mister! What better chance to do that then have dinner together! Since they do low carb, our meals can look pretty similar. Seth whipped up some steaks, and grilled broccoli and potatoes along with it. We had salads with a new dressing I wanted to try (tahini based) and finally some fruit.


Everything was delicious and we were full! I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t like the foods available on Whole30. Really, you don’t miss the cheese on top of your veggies or salad. And after a large, fantastic meal like this, you aren’t even thinking about wanting dessert! It’s great!


Following dinner, we enjoyed iced toddies, played games, got “caffeine drunk” and laughed until very late. What a wonderful, healthy evening with friends! 🙂 I can’t wait for them to try Whole30 later this year!!



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