Whole30 Day #55: Farmer’s Market & Other Fun Stuff

Week is Over: Time to Play!

The weekend is here! Seth has stopped going in to work on Saturdays lately, which has been fantastic for us! It means we get to workout together and just goof around all day. We love it — but it does present some pressure because we don’t need to strategically plan as much, so we are still figuring it out.



Workout Time

We began our day at the gym, per usual. I had a great cardio workout and Seth did some fancy workout. (I never know what he’s doing! LOL) It makes me laugh… I used to just not feel right during my workouts. Sometimes I’d be jittery from my pre-workout drink. Other times my stomach would feel twisted from something I ate the night before. And feeling bloated was almost a sure thing. Since being on Whole30, I never have these issues in the mornings! I always feel great and more often than not, my workouts are awesome. Add this benefit to the list!


Farmer’s Market

Some gym friends were going to head down to the Farmer’s Market later in the morning, so we decided to join. Before we went, Seth created a delicious scramble — I’m still not entirely sure what was in it. We knew if we went down there on an empty stomach, we’d be in danger of making poor decisions. Such yummy smells all around and being so close to the end of our challenge! But don’t worry, NO CHEATS!


The market was packed! We ran into lots of friends and had a great time. There were some seats open by the coffee shop, so the four of us sat and enjoyed our iced coffees and people watched. So delightful — a perfect Saturday! Soon, the smells were too much. We had to get out of there! We headed to the grocery store to pick up things that weren’t available at the market.



So, we visited our usual stores to get our Whole30 approved items. By the time this was all said and done, we were too hungry to still have to drive home and cook. So we stopped by Chipotle and created compliant salads to enjoy together.


Back home we worked through chores around the house. Fun! But we finished early and Seth grilled up some dinner for us to enjoy before our date night to the movies. Suicide Squad!! It’s not all bad growing up and being adults 🙂

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