Whole30 Day #58: Nearing the End and Reflecting

Today was a blur. It’s Tuesday, so no readers are surprised by this. You’ve been listening to me talk about my crazy Tuesdays for the last 2 months! I’ve been reflecting on my Whole30 posts and realized, you are probably getting as bored about reading of my dull day-to-day as I am about writing about it! Day-to-day, my life is… well… vanilla. 🙂


When I sat down to write my thoughts for today, I couldn’t even remember whether I went to the gym or not! What did I eat? Or DID I even eat? I’m sure I did because I don’t feel hungry right now. And I’m sure it was compliant because that’s all I know at this point! But other than those few facts I’m sure of… well, I’m just ready for tomorrow.



I can’t believe I’ve survived. Yes, I have 3 more days, but I’ve done the hardest part already. Whew! Part of me is so ready to be done, but the other part of me just wants to keep going. But it’d be nice to have a little leeway and be able to not have to cook JUST ONCE! To be able to forget to fix a lunch and just run across the street to HF Crave and grab a burger. Or to join my coworkers for lunch on a Friday.


That being said, I also have a bunch of fear. As you know, I’m a binger. I don’t know moderation. There’s no such thing as “a donut”. Whole30 has helped me so much to have freedom from whole30 bookfood! I want to maintain this healthy relationship, but I know the old me is still in there, so I need to be careful.


If this blog series, or perhaps a doctor, have encouraged you to give Whole30 a try, I hope you will. But I strongly suggest shelling out the $18 to purchase the book and read it before starting. The program works so much better when you understand WHY you are doing the things it requires. It’s not just a weight loss program, but yes, you will likely lose weight. But it’s so much more, and THOSE are the reasons I keep going with this amazing program!

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