Whole30 Day #59: Two More Days!

A day like any other the past 2 months. Or at least like most of the past 2 months. I’m feeling good, eating is easy, don’t want to cheat, energy is high. These are all just blessings from Whole30. However, I AM feeling like I’m ready to be done still. Two more days, two more days! Come on!


WFH WednesdaysDay 59 - Salad

As you are well aware by now, since it’s a Wednesday, I’m working from home. The “blah” feeling I’ve had towards Whole30 this week didn’t do me any favors. At lunch time, I had nothing ready. So, I threw together some things I found in the fridge for a salad of sorts. It was actually quite good! As I was preparing it, I could hear the voices start to get louder.


“You’re close Jessi. It wouldn’t hurt to just run up the street to D’Leons for a burrito. Or maybe go grab a burger. I mean there’s not really enough stuff in the fridge to make a good lunch. And you’re busy, so do you really have time to stop and make lunch? You’ve done 58 1/2 days,Might as well call it good.”


Mind over Mind

AH! Shut up, shut up, shut UP! I am for sure my own worst enemy. Don’t worry, I stayed strong. I preoccupied myself with work and at the end of the day, I made a snack for Lifegroup. Yes, Whole30 compliant. “Snacks aren’t compliant!” Yes, I know. But I made something that people on Whole30 could eat. And, it is healthy for ANYONE!


What did I make? Remember earlier in my blog series when I mentioned that my girlfriends found a compliant apple crisp to make for me? Yeah, I couldn’t get enough! I made a large batch to take to my Lifegroup friends. We did stop to get ice cream for it too (since most of the group is not doing Whole30). They DEVOURED it :) So that worked out well! And no, I didn’t have any ice cream — so I made it through Day 59.

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