Whole30 Day #7: Finding Rhythm

Sunday. We Meet Again.

Yet another thing I have a love/hate with: Sunday. A day of worship. A day for fun, catch up, relaxation; the options are truly endless. But, it’s also the day before Monday…


I got into the swing of Whole30 much quicker this round. In the past, Sunday mornings were a scramble, and I’m not talking about the eggs. Most of the time, we’d grab quest bars, if even that, and by the time church let out, we are HANGRY. This situation usually led us to a buffet.


But not this Sunday. We got the day started right with some sweet potato hash topped with bacon and eggs. Deliciousness!! Although we arrived a tad late to church, we had full bellies and found it much easier to focus on the music and sermon! Much to our surprise, our tummies were not rumbling after church, so we made a quick trip to to Menards before heading home to cook.


Meal PrepGrilling

Seth’s picked steaks for our Sunday meal, so decided to grill out. In fact, we got such a great deal on them this weekend, we decided to make them for the week! Along with the steaks, the grill was piled high with tin foils full of 8 days worth of potatoes and veggies. I’m sure the neighbors were jealous!


It was a lot of work, but so worth it! Once everything was in tupperware, we relaxed on the couches feeling accomplished. Sure it was draining and we lost half our day, but heck, that’s worth it when 4 days worth of lunches are handled!


While cooking, we got invited to a cookout. Seth had marinade leftover, so I pulled out a couple chicken breasts to soak before we left. Six hours later, our chicken was ready and we were hungry! We made our way across town for the gathering. I’ll tell you what — that was some of the BEST chicken I’ve had in my life. The bad thing about my husband is, while he’s an AMAZING cook, he never remembers how to recreate anything… so when I like something he’s made, I savior it as best I can :)


While at the cookout, we enjoyed our chicken with some salad, topped in EVOO and vinegar along with some fruit. I turned down the Rice Krispy treats AND the oreos!! (That’s the hard part for me!) It was an enjoyable evening with friends and conversation. We were happy to leave not feeling bloated, stuffed, gross, or wanting more sweets. Sounds simple, but for me, this is truly a new experience that I’ve only been able to have with the help of Whole30.

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