Whole30 Day #8: Learning the Hard Way

Not a Good Start

My deload week is over!! I know taking time for a recovery week is important and, like all lessons, I learned that the hard way. Nevertheless, I just struggle feeling like I’m worth anything…. Dramatic? Not at all 🙂


So excited to finally start my new workout program. However, I was really off my game and forgot to drink/eat anything before heading out the door — and then I forgot to eat my “post workout” meal. Needless to say, my day did NOT go well. I was so incredibly tired. Work kept me busy enough that I didn’t have a moment to get coffee into my blood, so I struggled all morning.


Rescue Me!

About 3pm, I finally chugged some coffee — my favorite afternoon blend, Smores. Unfortunately, it made things worse. I thought, “Maybe I just need a little walk and something to eat to pick me up.” Slowly, I crossed the parking lot to Trader Joe’s (yes, I work within walking distance! Makes me life so much easier!) As I wandered the store, I came across their all fruit bars, so I got that and some plantain chips. IMG_7009Back at my desk, I enjoyed too many chips with that fruit bar and things got worse. This was NOT the pick-me-up I hoped for… They give me a headache and made me feel sleepy.


I rushed home for a nap. That helped a ton! I felt like a new woman! As soon as Seth got home, I told him what I learned today: pre and post workouts are a must, caffeine after 3pm is not a good idea, I need to drink more water, and use plantain chips sparingly!


Seth got a laugh out of my painful lessons. He let me continue to rest while he made a delicious dinner of lamb with veggies. We enjoyed a great dinner followed by a fantastic evening spent in our front porch swing and talking about our life. It was a perfect Monday.

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