Whole30 Day #9: W30 on the Go

New Discovery

IMG_6968Well, I’m pleased to report I did NOT make the same mistake two days in a row! I’m learning 🙂 I tried my new cold brewed coffee from Trader Joe’s to kick start my workout. It worked! My chest workout was great; I was able to lift more weight than I have in a while. Felt amazing!


Back home, I sucked down eggs (I drink 2 raw after my workouts) and gobbled up pumpkin mixed with applesauce. It was a miracle; I had a clear mind and felt optimistic about life! It amazes me how something so simple can make such a HUGE difference in your day.  When you start your day like this, you feel prepared to take on the world. I’m also blown away that at Day 9 I’m feeling this way 🙂



I flew through the day. My productivity and focus was on point! Taking the time to prepare breakfast and lunch makes all the difference! The coffee in both the morning and the afternoon have become necessary. I love that I don’t feel jittery. I’m typically feeling full or satisfied with a light level of energy. So much better than when I’d feel stuffed, upset tummy, energy crash or buzzing off the charts!


It’s normal for Tuesdays to be a meeting day for me. Tuesdays are days that I have to switch my mind from one client to the next usually without a break. I need to be able to concentrate, lead meetings, listen and plan. Many times, after a day like that, I leave work with nothing left in me. I’ve found that to not be the case now on Whole30 and I love leaving work, not ready to go to bed, but ready for the next bit of life. What a reward!


A Night Out

This was one of our busier nights that kept us out of the kitchen. While these types of evenings are typical for us, since we’ve been on Whole30, we work hard to avoid eating on the go situations. Unfortunately, there was just no way around it tonight. Committee meetings, work, and lifegroup left us no other option. As we made our way to the university campus for an evening of jazz, we popped into Chipotle for salads. They were delicious Whole30 compliant option.


Whole30 Friends

It was a splendid evening of card playing, appreciating music and laughter. It was a soul-filling event! While there, we chatted with a couple in our group who also started Whole30 (first round) the same day we did. They are actually the reason we did our second round — our stories convinced them and their excitement energized us! So at day 9, they were hanging in there and actually really enjoying. Liking the new foods and feeling good. We all made this new lifestyle look so attractive, another lady in our group decided to give it a try! Seems like Whole30 is spreading like wildfire, which is so awesome!


When we got home that evening, I was incredibly bloated and didn’t feel great. It could have been the Chipotle or maybe it was the 95 degree heat… and ridiculous humidity. Seth had to help me pull my rings off I was so swollen! So maybe heat, but I also remember this same thing happening to me on days 8 and 9 in my first round. I didn’t let myself get to down, but it was a little disappointing. Hope to feel better tomorrow!

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