Whole30 Menu: Week 4

Week 4: Days 22-28

Made it through another week, and feeling good. Tiger Blood has definitely kicked in! Loving the food and have no desire to eat anything that’s not compliant!! I am aware that these last few days can get tough. But I’m starting the week with a good head on my shoulder, so I’ll hope for the best.


So, week 4, what should I eat? My husband is away for a work trip for the first 3 days this week, so I won’t need to mix things up as much (one recipe will give me more than one meal!) So you will see more repeats from previous weeks and less recipes. Still trying to use up ingredients from last week too, so things might be a stretch 🙂

Maybe you are at the point where you are feeling comfortable with these foods and you’ve got some ideas to spice up my menu. I’d love for you to share!


Breakfast: BLT Quiche

Lunch: Beef w/Mexican Rice

Dinner: Cashew Chicken w/fried rice


Breakfast: BLT Quiche

Lunch: Cashew Chicken w/fried rice

Dinner: Turkey Bolognese Sauce w/Zoodles


Breakfast: BLT Quiche

Lunch: Turkey Bolognese Sauce w/Zoodles

Dinner: One-Dish Chicken Fajita Bake


Breakfast: BLT Quiche

Lunch: Turkey Bolognese Sauce w/Zoodles

Dinner: One-Dish Chicken Fajita Bake


Breakfast: Breakfast Hash Skillet & Eggs

Lunch: One-Dish Chicken Fajita Bake

Dinner: Steaks w/sweet potato gnocchi


Breakfast: Breakfast Hash Skillet & Eggs

Lunch: Meatballs & leftover gnocchi

Dinner: Potato Casserole Lasagna


Breakfast: Eggs & “Oatmeal” w/fruit

Lunch: Bangers & Mash

Dinner: Apple Rosemary Pork Roast


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